backyard tea house 3 - Tea House: A Backyard Sanctuary

Tea House: A Backyard Sanctuary


The Tea House is an award-winning hanging bronze and glass sanctuary, nestled among strands of bamboo in a residential backyard in Maryland. Inspired by the Japanese lantern, this calm and beautiful outdoor space serves as a meditation space as well as a stage for the family’s musical recitals. What a lovely idea to have a unique space such as that both for family gatherings as well as private contemplation.

The entire structure is suspended by large metal beams; it features a unique wooden octagonal ceiling design and is engulfed with glass walls bringing nature and light into the space; a small origami stair and a 4” thick, opaque wood entry door awaits the visitor to enter this calm and inviting getaway. Inside, the interior is minimalist, as befitting a spiritual sanctuary.



* More info at David Jameson Architect


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