small cabin kitchen helsinki - A Small Cabin in Helsinki: City Cottage

A Small Cabin in Helsinki: City Cottage


Two environmentally conscious architects wanted to renovate a crumbling structure on the west side of Helsinki. After examination they’ve decided to tear it down and build a 150 sq. ft. cottage that would serve as an urban getaway for their small family.

The result is a tiny modern cabin nestled among the faded 1950s-era cottages in the Lauttasaari Recreational Park, a forest of towering evergreens and pines on the Baltic Sea.

The design of this small vacation home was inspired by sailboat interiors; for example, the rope ladder providing access to the loft bed, or the birch veneer cabinets made by Paattimaakarit, a Finnish woodworking company that builds ships and boat interiors.

This modern cabin is simply adorable! The kitchen is simple and compact, featuring large windows facing the sea, a sleek oak counter with two steel stove burners, and a stainless-steel IKEA bowl that serves as a wash basin.


The living room space is raised on a platform, allowing to store shoes and firewood in the space underneath. The floor is covered by tatami rugs with built-in heating; the lounge area features a sectional sofa that converts into a bed; a black steel Danish fireplace heats up the place when the temperature drops.
This small getaway cost around $42,000 to build.



A boulder serves as a front step – simply charming!


Photography: Andreas Meichsner for The New York Times


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One thought on “A Small Cabin in Helsinki: City Cottage

  1. ernist bigman

    Very sleek and modern,yet still human and cozy.At a cost of $42,000,does one use a bucket stored in those sleek cabinets,or a privy dug out back?

    I only ask such a crude question,well,because (I blush to say)I ‘do’ such things in private.


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