modern cabin frey barn 2 - Frey Barn: It's a guy's thing

Frey Barn: It’s a guy’s thing


This small, historic barn was transformed into a ‘guy space’, and I’m sure all guys would love a place like that; a place of their own where they could gather around to watch football games, play poker, and simply have a good time. Sounds to me like this place is the modern interpretation of the Gentleman’s Club.

Located in Edina, Minnesota, this modern cabin feels private yet welcoming; at the entrance, a wooden ramp invites all family members, inclusive of those with limited mobility; upon entry, an impressive all-glass wall looks out on an existing grove of trees.



The Frey Barn was designed by Dale Mulfinger and Chris Meyer, from Sala Architects. Mulfinger wrote some great books about cabins and getaway homes.

One of my favorites is “The Cabin: Inspiration for the Classic American Getaway“, and now he published a new book called “Cabinology: A Handbook to Your Private Hideaway“, which also got very good reviews.

“Cabins contrast the vast world outside with the intimate world within. Unlike in our suburban world, the world of the cabin is a place where modesty and charm outweigh size and grandeur, while simplicity and flexibility outshine the sophisticated and complicated.”



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