small modern cabin stacked 6 - Cabin-in-the-woods With A Twist: Stacked Cabin

Cabin-in-the-woods With A Twist: Stacked Cabin


Oh, how I wish for a cabin in the woods, a small getaway to call my own…
Nestled into a densely wooded hillside in a remote Wisconsin forest the Stacked Cabin, with its contemporary geometric character, is far from the traditional log design we usually see when it comes to forest retreats, however it is a fine example of a small modern cabin-in-the-woods with a twist.

Based on the traditional cabin compound, with its typical open-plan longhouse, outhouse, and freestanding tool shed, the structure of this small cabin has been reconfigured and stacked vertically; hence the modern twist!



Carved into the hill the bottom level consists of a small workshop, equipment storage, and a washroom; the living quarters above include an open living space centered around a wood-burning stove, with a simple galley kitchen on one side and two small, open sleeping rooms on the other. Stacked on top of the living space is a small study, serving as an intimate, elevated observatory with treetop views.

The interior design of the open plan space is quite versatile, featuring delicate, floor-to-ceiling curtains on each side to screen the kitchen when not in use and provide privacy for the sleeping rooms, or simply open everything up to the main living space.


Various windows offer extensive forest views, whereas in summertime they become screened openings, enabling cross-ventilation while transforming the living hall into a covered outdoor room.

To blend the building’s exterior with the surrounding forest and rock formations it consists of exposed concrete, cedar, anodized metal, and cementitious plaster; inside, white walls, ceilings, and built-in cabinets, as well as polished concrete floors complete the look.




* More info at Johnsen Schmaling


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5 thoughts on “Cabin-in-the-woods With A Twist: Stacked Cabin

  1. John Hlumyk

    Really cool design and it looks fabulous in the landscape and that is coming from someone who usually prefers more traditional domestic architecture. However, what I’m left wondering about is how that flat roof is going to hold up over time. Flat roofs are great in New Mexico or Southern California, but build one in the upper north east, especially in the mountains and you may be asking for one giant maintenance headache.

  2. Log Cabins UK

    This is really a beautiful modern house. Interior is also awesome.
    But there is one problem i.e there is lots of trees around cabin, in rainy and wind season many trees were fell down due to wind or rain. This creates lots of problem and damage.But otherwise this wooden cabin is beautiful.

  3. Shane

    The untouched surroundings is what I enjoy most about this. The landscape left as untouched – with the house looking as to have dropped into place.

  4. jules

    Occasionally one comes across an object or piece of art where whilst admiring it think… i want that! This is one of those moments.
    I love the perceived simplicity of the building which belies the difficulty of designing such a basic but usable space. Its the sort of building that i would never imagine would work so well amid the environment it sits, but when you see it in situ you just have to say ‘hats off’. It’s awesome.


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