modern cabin rolling hut 5 - The Rolling Huts: The Herd

The Rolling Huts: The Herd


The Rolling Huts, situated in Mazama, WA, seem to show an up-to-date understanding of camping. Six small modern cabins are grouped together but orientated towards the view of the mountains.

I really like this ‘radiating’ master plan solution: the huts seem to be a herd of peaceful animals that have just stopped at the meadow to get some rest and enjoy the landscape views. They don’t interact with each other, the only interest of each hut is the powerful landscape views. And so, they just stand still and watch. Yet, their physical vicinity doesn’t let them forget that they are a group. It couldn’t be better for visitors, who stay there for the weekend: undisturbed by views of other huts’ dwellers, but at the same time feeling sure you can always borrow some salt from your neighbors.

The ground floor of each hut is approximately 130 sq. ft. large, which includes the tiny, yet sweet areas of sleep, kitchen, dining, and living room. The portable toilet is adjacent to every hut. There is a wide balcony at the ‘view’ facade.


The structure and the look of the huts correspond to the rest of the concept very well: they are simple, clear, modern and beautiful. The simplest metal structure lifts the roof above the platform. The platform, in its turn, stands on metal pillars with wheels. This lifts the whole hut over the landscape itself and makes clear that it doesn’t belong to the landscape, that it is no threat to the landscape. This herd is merely a group of friendly guests here.





* More info at rolling huts

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