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Nomadhome: a place of change


Gerold Peham believes that one’s home is not only meant for living, but also is an expression of one’s individual living philosophy. He also thinks that our home is a place of change, a place where your living circumstances may change from time to time (which they do as I’m looking at my ‘suddenly’ pregnant cousin). As a result, he invented the nomadhome – a ready-to-live, modular structure, which can be put wherever you like and can be easily made smaller or bigger.

It seems to me that some people get a little bit bewildered at this point. It happened to me also, but then I reviewed the available variations of this modular prefabricated building and I felt more comfortable (what can I say, I love tables with structured information).


If I got the designer’s idea right, basically you want to have a working cabin in your backyard – you buy the smallest unit and use it as a trendy, fashionable home office; your husband’s parents may come to stay – for a bit longer (which may sound threatening) – so you simply expand your office cabin and transform it into a small guesthouse.






The project has already gained some popularity and stands in different variations in different European cities. Let’s take a look.



The structure is based on 11m2 modules, the smallest house starts with a tiny space of 22m2. You are flexible in your planning solutions, for you can always add modules or take them away. Constructions time is approx. 2-3 days, and the whole product is manufactured in Austria. Well-well, sounds good.. Let’s watch how the idea and the business side will develop.


* More info at nomad home

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