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Extramadura Residence: Nature Gives It All


There are so many projects that are ecologically orientated, so many projects that claim to use as much as possible in terms of natural resources and local environment, that sometimes it’s a bit difficult to get impressed by these “green” features. Yet, the 3,465 sq. ft. Estate in Extramadura, Spain, is very impressive.

The natural aspects are combined so vigorously here, that you can’t decide what was the crucial factor of such a cool and harmonious project realization – whether it was the will and world perception of the owners (who have always loved the countryside), or the talent of the architects who created such a fashionable, yet Eco-friendly house…

I stand here for the favorable nature itself! For what would the “passive heating effect” be if the house overlooked the North instead of the South? Would this stone barn house be so attractive if it stood on a plain instead of a picturesque hill with magnificent vegetation? Would the owners be so delighted with their river water usage, if they were not sure the water was pure enough?

Finally, would the designers be inspired to have arrived at these certain interior and exterior design solutions if the structure and the texture of the local stone masonry were different?



I could go on and on praising this wonderful project, but I must keep it laconic. What I would undoubtedly like to say (I’m not tired to repeat it in such cases) – is a big thank you to the architects for a delicious portion of information on the project on their website.

They describe how they used the river flow, they show interior and exterior spaces there, they let one see the surroundings, they tell lots of other exciting things (for instance, that they wanted to preserve and use the walls of the stable as they were, but they started falling down during the preliminary works, so they built the house a-new, using concrete structure).. Enjoy!





… and this is also one of the very seldom cases where the video is even more fascinating than the images.

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