small modern cabin wlms 9 - Williams Cabin: a glacial valley view

Williams Cabin: a glacial valley view


“Oh, it’s all so quiet…” In Colorado there’s a tiny little excuse to get the perfect relaxation. I’m talking about a small secluded getaway called Williams Cabin – This modern cabin works as an inhabitable framework of an astonishing landscape, where mountains and pine trees surround an unpretentious shelter for people who seek quiet and tranquility…

But let me introduce you to this fascinating construction: a covered deck attracts our steps into a metallic stair that marks the cabin’s elevation from the natural ground, preventing the expected snow loads of the region. As you step on this large porch, two front doors indicate the physical border between exterior and interior. The choice is ours… Surprisingly, both lead to the same room, the heart of the house!

Only a little fireplace and a kitchen sink give us the proper welcome. Also a small bathroom, cut in two independent divisions and located at the house’s extreme, allows the basic needs for nature lovers to live in.


Despite its minimum scale, Williams Cabin works as an experimental device that combines several Eco-friendly materials and techniques, for example a steel foundation framing elevates the volume from the ground, giving the fine impression of floating. The walls are made out of artisanal mud plaster. All interior paneling came from locally sourced Aspen wood. The floor is also in painted structural plywood with filled seams. White stucco covers the exterior…maybe to camouflage the house in snowy weather! After all, the covered deck offers the perfect place to enjoy the glacial valley view…







* More info at stephen atkinson architecture

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