beach cabin blacklodge 3 - Black Lodge: a modern approach to primitive needs

Black Lodge: a modern approach to primitive needs


Raise your hand if you never dreamed about a small beach cabin… For me, no kind of luxury hotel will ever transcend the pure experience of living beside nature’s infinite elements. So, Black Lodge represents a perfect alternative to the conventional resorts in the Swedish island of Furillen.

A triangular volume captures our attention with its minimalism, apparently as “natural” as the surrounding forest. This small getaway retreat works as the classic hotel bedroom, but without the usual amenities.

Pine wood assumes all the construction details from structural to cladding solutions. Even the furniture respects this pragmatic principle: wooden boards that can be used as beds, tables or benches. The design is so powerfully simple that it almost reaches the evocative atmosphere of a sacred temple! An old Swedish timber frame technique contributes to achieve this solution along with the presence of a cast iron stove.


All four walls can be opened to the sand… this means that inhabitants can choose where to sleep. Outside, on a warm summer’s night, where a diamond sky is waiting to be observed…Or inside, on a cold winter’s night, near the heat of the black iron stove… It’s all about freedom of choice.

Black Lodge gains a special meaning when related to its landscape context. Maybe because its purpose recalls the most primitive of needs: building a refuge from the wild, with the utmost respect to our surroundings!



* More info at Jagnefalt Milton

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