prefab home 43base 11 - 43 Base House: prefab for all!

43 Base House: prefab for all!


Extremely limited sites are always a challenge, although sometimes the most adaptable solution is already there to be utilized! I’m talking about the infinite world of prefab structures that are constantly available for the most challenging architectural needs.

In Tokyo, Japan, a multi-level private residence is the perfect example for this kind of possibility, and with an exquisite result! Let’s take a closer look…

The 43 Base House is constructed from 150mm x 150mm x 12mm prefabricated L-shaped steel pieces produced in a factory. The rigid skeleton was assembled on site using a crane. The L-shaped pieces were then welded together. The perfect symbiosis between industry and architecture, don’t you agree?


A metallic gate welcomes us from the street, while a spiral staircase guides our steps into a unique interior space. The project combines a vertical distribution of individual levels that can be accessed through a sequence of stairways. The interior space is always open, allowing a full glimpse of the vertical program sequence: hall, kitchen, dining, living, bathroom and finally the bedroom with a roof terrace.



All finishing such as interior and exterior walls, exposed structure and metallic stairs are painted white. Only the floor escapes this color solution offering a warmer material: wood! Full-height windows allow the sunlight to be a constant inhabitant of this marvelous prefab house…

After writing this post, I strongly believe that these small prefab units represent a great solution to the problem of residential building in crowded urban environments.








* More info at Miurashin Architect

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One thought on “43 Base House: prefab for all!

  1. Edel

    Love your blog (I read all of it), and I love neoclassic arcetthciure. I read especially (with great interest) about Geoffrey B. Carter’s fantastic creation. But apart from two NY Times articles I can’t find anything about him. Is there any chance you have a pamphlet or an email address or anyway to get in touch with him?


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