modern cabin gj91 - Cabin GJ-9: Comfort + Modernism + Nature

Cabin GJ-9: Comfort + Modernism + Nature


The contemporary design of this cabin gave me the feeling of home, of coziness and of warm, unpretentious beauty. That’s why I’d like to share this project with you.

Located in Bjergoy, Norway, the house is very inviting, both inside and out – on the vast wooden-decked terrace, which embraces the building and gives various possibilities to throw glances into the house through big window areas, and inside, where fine wooden-textured surfaces make you feel accepted and warm, where large scale lounge areas offer comfortable places for relaxation.

However, the design of this cottage contains many interesting contrasts, but somehow they are not aggressive and don’t disturb the overall peaceful concept. These contrasts just underline the beauty of the design unity.

For example, the massive, stone-cladded fireplace located in front of the absolutely transparent glass elevation. Another example would be the exaggeratedly thick stone-cladded walls and piers adjacent to really generous window surfaces.



The warmness of materials here is masterfully combined with the modernity of design forms. The silhouette of the house is extremely modern: thick flat roofs are united with separately standing walls, creating the impression that the house and the terrace are enclosed by a big structural wooden-cladded frame.







* More info at Gudmundur Jonsson

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