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Freedomky House: Eco-Friendly Prefab

Can you imagine a modern prefabricated home with a substantial low ecological impact, at a very accessible price, and assembled in only 5 hours? The Freedomky House is the answer! But seriously…can this concept really exist?

Atelier Stepan definitely confirms the viability and most importantly, the urgency of Eco-friendly architecture like this one… A miraculous modular building that allies a poetically organic aesthetics with a perfect sense of functionality. I gladly challenge you to take a peek at this unique prefab!

A delicate wooden volume conceals the program of a traditional house that can start with 23 sq. m. of living area and grow progressively into a larger space. Social areas are concentrated in a single open plan (living and dining room along with the kitchenette area) while private areas are divided (bedroom and bathroom).



Manufactured using only Eco-friendly materials, this prefab was designed in order to be transported worldwide by a truck trailer. Once it arrives to its destination, a structural foundation footing allows the module to be sited anywhere without the typical site preparation. The immediate consequence is the attractive price of this house!

Since it’s based on modules, a customized option is available for all the free minded inhabitants that constantly search for a greener world.

The small module has a built up area of 16 m² (4x4m) to serve as a home office, workshop or studio, priced at 349 000 CZK (which is approx. 18,000 USD).
The larger module offer 76 m² to serve as a small home or cabin, priced at 1.569 million CZK (which is approx. 80,000 USD).

Last, (but definitely not least) did I mention the priceless independence from utility networks that this house can provide?










Photography courtesy of Atelier Stepan

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