modern cabin forest mw 10 - Case Inlet Retreat: within the forest

Case Inlet Retreat: within the forest


How would you describe your dream holiday home in a forest site? The following project may bring some clues to help you figure this out…This extraordinary weekend retreat is positioned in southern Puget Sound, along the eastern edge of the Case Inlet and was conceived as a modern comfort statement gently adorning a forested slope.

Named after its location, the Case Inlet Retreat has a total floor area of 260sq.m. full of inspirational views over the Olympic Mountains and the Puget Sound. The single floor plan is developed with the purpose of benefit from a strong relation with the surrounding trees. How? In a very simple gesture: under a flat roof with generous deep overhangs, social spaces like the living room and kitchen open towards the landscape.

To obtain an even deeper engagement with its natural context, the building has corner windows to assure that all panoramic views are available to the inhabitants and visitors of such a fine retreat.



Another unusual detail shapes the private zone: the master bathroom has an outdoor shower as an invitation to get a bath within the forest protection. Large sliding doors establish the bridge between high-end modern interiors with the natural display of greenery outside, while wooden planks cover the entire facade.

All interior finishing respect the use of natural materials: ceilings and walls are covered by wooden panels. Only the pavement escapes this golden rule…smooth concrete contrasts with the exterior wooden decks that constantly invite us to enjoy nature at its most wild condition.








* More info at MW Works

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