forest eco retreat nichoir2 50x50 - Le Nichoir: forest retreat for nature-lovers in France

Le Nichoir: forest retreat for nature-lovers in France


In Lorraine, France lies an outstanding example of Eco-friendly architecture: Le Nichoir, one of four ecological forest retreats situated in the deep dense forest of Le Vent des Forets. This small cabin has only 20sqm but is prepared to accommodate up to four people. It’s part of an experimental project, brought forth by the French designer Matali Crasset, and the inhabitants and volunteers of the nearby villages, which creates a place in the forest where visitors can simultaneously experience architecture and environment.

Le Nichoir was conceived from sustainable materials and techniques: the module structures are made from acacia wood and galvanized steel. Also a remarkable detail contributes to an undeniable respect for Mother Nature: this tiny cabin is foundation free allowing it to be placed anywhere without disturbing nature. A lightweight structure guarantees the required mobility for this unconventional retreat for nature-lovers.


The interior is completely clad by wood planks and has a loft space where one might look at the sky through a series of triangular windows. And in winter time, a built in wood stove is discretely integrated in one of the cabin walls…






Architects: Matali Crasset

Photography: Camille Gresset and Lucas Frechin

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