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Infinity House

Parts of Norway are among the most remote, naturally stunning locations on the planet. The Infinity House by Vladimir Konovalov Architecture takes full advantage of one such place, planting an isolated modern cabin in a place most humans wouldn’t have the fortitude to dare reach. The house is unique not only it where it exists, but in how it is expressed from a material, spatial, and architectural standpoint.

The home is composed of a thick concrete frame that all other structural and architectural elements stem off. It is open on all sides and sits atop a rocky mountaintop, offering panoramic views of the breathtaking Norwegian landscape. The transparency is immediately noticeable, but the unhindered exposition is a non-issue due to the extreme isolation the structure exists in. Even more incredible than all that is the infinity pool that sinks into the roof structure and gives the home a name it truly deserves.

You heard correct: that odd, coffered upside down dome-shaped ceiling articulation is actually a rooftop pool that lets you soak up the cool mountain air in a submersion of pre-warmed salt water.

infinity rooftop pool design vk - Infinity House

It’s the crowning feature on a house that deserves praise at almost every aspect of design and execution. The floorplan is defined by four distinct spatial zones that correspond with the delineations created by the massive concrete over-structure. Two of those zones are dedicated to public gathering spaces and are mostly open – both to itself and the surrounding views. The third zone covers utilities such as kitchen and bath functions, while the last zone contains a semi-private bedroom space.

Luxury summer house kitchen design

Luxury summer house living room design

Luxury summer house bedroom design

Each of these four cubes is completely open on all sides, objectively bringing a bit of the mountain scenery directly into the interior. Material choices are discrete and do well to complement the palette provided by the dark, cold, Norwegian peaks. Most imposing of these materials is the previously mentioned coffered ceiling, which is composed of a dark wood lattice that looms over each interior space.

The Infinity House must be seen to be believed – which is a tall order considering the pilgrimage required to reach its front door. If you happened to be one of the privileged few to make the trip, you’ll be rewarded with an icon work of residential architecture that should be celebrated for years to come.

Luxury summer house design plan

Luxury summer house design layout

Luxury infinity rooftop pool plan

Architecture and interiors: Vladimir Konovalov
Visualizations: Omega Render

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