French Interior Design - The Luxury Look

Showflat A1

Showflat A1 harnesses elegance and timelessness all in one. Where some spaces might try to capitalize on trending design elements and define themselves as ‘modern’ or ‘rugged’, this flat will be ringing in each new year with an un-phased start to the next thanks to the enduring layout and furnishings of this home. Continue reading

Wallpaper dinosaur design by Sian Zeng

Sian Zeng imaginative wallpapers

Lately, the world of wallpapers has caught our attention. This time we want to tell you about the wonderful work of designer Sian Zeng. Sian is renowned for her imaginative wallpapers and interior accessories, inspired by the designer’s own dream-like narratives. Some of these colorful wallpapers are also magnetic, so your child can literally play all over the wall. Continue reading

Paris Apartment Interior Design by MARCANTE – TESTA

French Metal Rack

French Metal Rack is a 180 sqm reconstructurion of an apartment in Paris, France, and importance was placed on this 1930s original to maintain some of its historical design elements, while bring about a more functional and open space. Continue reading

Knit wallpaper murals

Murals Wallpaper

If you ever get to Liverpool I suggest you pop into Murals Wallpaper shop and catch up on the latest interiors trends. Their wallpaper designs will add a one-of-a-kind statement to your home decor and let your walls do the talking! Keep reading to check out our favorite wallpaper collections. Continue reading

Cool Barbershop Interiors In Prague

Tony Adam’s Barbershop

If you happen to be visiting the city of Prague and you’re looking for a haircut, Tony Adam’s Barbershop will take you to the next level when it comes to trims, quaffs and beard grooming! Continue reading

Modern Indoor/Outdoor Family Home Interiors

Horse Hill Residence

Wide-open space is an appealing ideal in any home, and Horse Hill Residence has taken this ideal reality appeal to the next level! As a residential custom original thanks to Studio Collins Weir, this residence has been expertly crafted from the ground up. By implementing vintage allure, unique stand-alone furniture pieces handcrafted by a variety of up-and-coming artists, and introducing industrial elements throughout this space – a conglomeration of true genius was created. Continue reading

Creative Office Design Idea Wall

LK+RIGI Design Office Design

LK+RIGI Design Office Design was an 8-year labour of love that now stands as a young-blooded design studio of tireless toilers. Although the office appears as a multi-dimensional space, it still leaves you with a sense of warmth and connection – which is something very important for RIGI DESIGN who’s tagline is: “We Design for Life”. Continue reading

Double Height Ceiling Living Room Design

Returning Hut

Brick, wood and glass meld together in a bouquet of natural design beauty here at the residence of Returning Hut. Which is exactly what the owner insisted on having in his home – offering the simplistic comforts of the countryside, unfettered by city living. Continue reading

modern beach house living ca2 1000x687 - 1905 Beach House Sustainable Reinvention

1905 Beach House Sustainable Reinvention

This citified residence is a true delight – and a relic at that. At 110 years old – and counting – this house is nearly as old as Canada itself, but thanks to the wonder workings of baukultur/ca, what’s old is sustainably new once again. Continue reading

modern oriental interiors as 1000x624 - Haitang Villa

Haitang Villa

Haitang Villa, by Arch Studio, is a three-story working wonder of wood, built and located in the eastern residential area of Beijing, delivering a sea of wooden insets and features throughout this unique home. Continue reading