Apartment Interior Renovation In A Protected Building

Apartment Letna

If there was one word to describe Apartment Letna, it would be: pristine! Located in the district of Letna, Prague, this apartment spans a surprising 120 sq.m, as it seems much larger thanks to the clean lines and soft color palette, by Ing. arch Jana Schnappel Hamrová. Continue reading

Play Design Hotel Room Interiors

Play Design Hotel Future Lab

Play Design Hotel Future Lab is a cross between a swanky, minimalist, modern boutique hotel – and a science project! Located in Taipei, Taiwan, this project allowed local designers to offer their creations to an international crowd, all in a way that harnessed conceptual design and 21st century appeal, while keeping a small element of tradition and implementing a side of quirky. Continue reading

Row House Renovated With Modern Interiors

Somerville Residence

Somerville Residence, by Naturehumaine, is a 1970s remodel that turned a typical row house into a “get up and go!” home for a family of 4, offering a space that is a fresh take on informal. Continue reading

Beautiful Modern Stone House In The AU Bush

North Warrandyte

Welcome to the bold style of North Warrandyte; largely contemporary in nature, but with just enough tradition to make an early evening dinner with the Grandparents a welcoming experience. Continue reading

Open Plan Family Home Design In Oakland, CA

Skyline House

Skyline House, by Terry & Terry Architecture, is a gorgeous remodel of a home that is heading into its third decade of existence; but one thing that hasn’t aged is definitely the view! Set at the edge of Eastbay Mountain atop the city of Oakland, the unobstructed view set 1800 feet above sea level and overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, is nothing short of breathtaking. Continue reading

1920’s Portland Home Kitchen Renovation

Neely House

The simple elegance of Neely House, by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, is truly breathtaking, delivering a timeless appeal without foregoing any unique elements that offer stand-alone beauty. Continue reading

modern lake cottage dining design fxs 1000x667 - Nordic Architecture and Sleek Interior Design

Nordic Architecture and Sleek Interior Design

Situated in Montreal, Canada, this modern, Nordic-inspired lake cottage have taken the owners of this dwelling from their city home, and placed them into this epic cottage hideaway they now call home. Continue reading

Industrial Interior Design For Georgian Terrace House

Perf House

Located in Belgravia, this Georgian style 5-story home has become a vision of well-lit transparency, texture, tranquility and artistic allure. Whether living in it or looking upon it, Perf House is – well, seemingly perfect! Continue reading

Penthouse Apartment Design by Ofist

White House

If impeccable details, clean lines and consistent shades are your thing – White House by Ofist is a place you would adore calling home. Nestled in a bustling neighborhood of Istanbul, this delightful space is actually an apartment that sits on the top floor of a century old historical building that has been beautifully brought back to life. Continue reading

Vintage Apartment Renovation In Italy

History Repeating

History Repeating is the fabulous result of an Italian apartment renovation by MARCANTE – TESTA, located in Turin and offering 160 sqm to its name. Initially lacking depth of character in interior design elements, it’s exterior is that of a 19th-century structure, so had historical depth that was just waiting to be characterized inside. Continue reading