Double Height Ceiling Living Room Design

Returning Hut

Brick, wood and glass meld together in a bouquet of natural design beauty here at the residence of Returning Hut. Which is exactly what the owner insisted on having in his home – offering the simplistic comforts of the countryside, unfettered by city living.

Reminiscent of wide-open spaces, a quiet atmosphere and natural elements, this natural valley home, by FM.X Interior Design, brings about sophistication and simplicity all in one. Delivering sky-high windows showcasing the beauty of the outdoors, with the interior space unencumbered by a lot of walls or even stairwell railings, this house provides the feeling of home without a lot of ‘stuff’ cluttering it’s simplistic appeal.

Double Height Ceiling and Inner Courtyard

Surrounded by forested mountains and facing the sea, Returning Hut was built with the desire to be able to enjoy the outdoors from inside its walls and despite it being nestled right next to the city, it manages to feel like a far away land.

Constructed with natural materials such as bluestone, wood and slate, the minimalistic appeal is as nature intended, and breathes beauty without being weighed down by trinkets, but rather features such focal points as the massive wood tea table.

Wooden Slab Table for Tea Ceremony

Double Height Living Room with Brick Wall

Unadorned walls, cleaned-lined living room seating, and a floor-based platform bed yield to the will of the owner, with pure ideals of a humble dwelling, aligning heart and home with the notion that: “Live in the mountain, and you will attain the Buddha Fruit. Live in the city, and the city will turn into a hell.” – Eminent Monk Da De.

Simple Wooden Bedroom Design

Minimalist Bedroom Design with Massive Rock View

Minimalist Bedroom Design and Glass Wall

Master Bedroom Sunken Tub

Minimalist Hall Design

Architects: FM.X Interior Design
Photography: WU Yong-Chang

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