london townhouse redesign lli 1000x667 - Highgate Hill Townhouse

Highgate Hill Townhouse

Highgate Hill is all things crisp, clean and balanced. Winner of the Interior Design category at the UK Property Awards, this London space shines like the winner it is, and offers exquisite design throughout. Continue reading

eclectic cottage design ba 1000x667 - Shoreham Cottage

Shoreham Cottage

Shoreham Cottage is a 1920’s revamp, which has been beautifully redesigned as a weekend home for an Australian couple and their adult children to enjoy any time of year. Continue reading

sustainable cottage renovation ad 1000x667 - Melbourne Vernacular

Melbourne Vernacular

Well hello my pretty, don’t mind if I do enjoy your visual pleasures! Is what comes to mind when taking in all that is the quaint perfection of this sustainable cottage renovation in Melbourne, AU. Continue reading

modern family home terrace 1000x667 - Port Melbourne Residence

Port Melbourne Residence

Texture and light-riddled simplicity comes together deliciously in this modern open plan family home in Melbourne. Keeping the original lines intact, this Australian design beauty was once a milk bar, and although it has been said to have undergone many transformations over the years, this one in particular is truly wonderful.
Continue reading

modern house backyard pergola 1000x667 - Courcelette Residence

Courcelette Residence

Welcome to the sunny side of life. Where windows, wood, a live-wall and style-o-plenty come together to make life shine bright in this gorgeous Montreal home. Continue reading

oriental villa decor - Villa Assouad

Villa Assouad

Elegant opulence doesn’t even begin to describe this 1500sqm mammoth mansion known as Villa Assouad in Beirut, Lebanon. Continue reading

french mansion modern living 1000x636 - Mansion L’hotel de Bethmann

Mansion L’hotel de Bethmann

Set alongside Jardin Public, old world charm meets new world order in this beautiful 1850 four-story mansion in Bordeaux, France. Continue reading

art deco industrial interiors chandelier 1000x952 - Waterworks


Based out of Toronto, Canada, part man cave part sexy stopover on your way to ‘Wowsville’, Waterworks is literally the epitome of cool. Continue reading

period house split level fireplace 1000x667 - The Scenario House

The Scenario House

If this London period house were any more fun, Peter Pan himself would take up residency here. With reading nooks seemingly on every floor, fold-away patio doors leading to the green space beyond, a fold-away homework station and a killer games room for the kids – The Scenario House is a childhood dream. Continue reading

penthouse dining room design 1000x667 - Belvedere Penthouse

Belvedere Penthouse

‘Belvedere’ is truly the ideal name for this downtown Montreal penthouse apartment – offering a rich display of exquisite simplicity wrapped in breathtaking views and impeccable taste. Continue reading