gallery loft surry scid10 50x50 - Surry Hills Warehouse: Gallery Loft in Sydney, Australia

Surry Hills Warehouse: Gallery Loft in Sydney, Australia


This incredible loft has been carefully carved out of an old warehouse. Two courtyards were created by opening the roof and a new building was added. The interplay of levels and the mastery of light, day light and artificial, climate, and ventilation were key elements to display the owner’s extensive art collection.

The careful detailing of every element, from the building materials to the stairs to the pops of color, makes each component a work of art. You could easily miss this perfection if the feeling of calm elegant sophistication didn’t overwhelm you, which it will. Then you find that you must learn the source.


The overall canvas is clean and comprised of polished concrete floors, warm wood planks, and carpets in the bedroom and living area. Day light spills in through sky lights and louvers, even to the lower level where a bath and bedroom are warmed by ebony walls and tangerine painted steel beams above. The bedroom has one full wall of floor to ceiling windows and a door to a courtyard. A low stone grey linen upholstered platform bed and the rug, like raked sand, extend the inside outside. All of this combined with two significant paintings create a sensuous atmosphere.





A folded black iron stair, that is its own work of art, contrasts with the original brick walls that extend through both levels. The upstairs kitchen, dining, and lounge feel spacious from the day light, the gabled ceiling, and the open modern minimal plan. A generous private brick walled, plant lined, and wood floored deck overlooks the courtyard.





Designers: Stephen Collins Interior Design

Photography: Tom Ferguson

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