A Fairytale Treehouse


I came across yet another tree house company called Amazon Treehouses and what I particularly love about their tree house design is that it’s magical, almost as if taken from a fairytale.

An inspirational secluded haven you always dreamed of or an amazing focal point for your garden – Just let your imagination run wild and take it to a higher level, sort of speak. As I saw those treehouse pictures I was completely taken, I mean these treehouses are beautiful and the locations, OMG…





Made for children and adults alike and with prices ranging from 5,000 through to 100,000+, these unique treehouses are designed for domestic use as well as hotels, eco-tourism resorts and more.


…winter wonderland…



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7 thoughts on “A Fairytale Treehouse

  1. aj

    this treehouse was very3 beautiful….cant believe that sum1 really work it out…i really love 2 have one of those….MAGICAL

  2. elley

    omygoodness… these treehouses are gorgeous!!! I definitely am interested in what it takes to build one, especialy for my little son.

  3. ariel

    im really curious on how treehouses are built.. :D im currently planning an artist’s village and my inspiration is a treehouse :D

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