Prefab Spacebox


Spacebox is a modular, light weight prefab building system, which was established following a student housing problem in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Each unit is built up with five composite panels with a very smooth polyester exterior finish and a unique structural angle allowing a vast window frame for maximum daylight.


Suitable for semi-permanent and permanent housing solutions, these prefabricated homes are highly insulated as well as modular in nature, enabling horizontal or vertical combinations.


These colorful, box-like units offer a compact yet practical interior – perfect for on-campus housing, resorts, art studios etc.


With fast production and assembly time, 10 units can be completed in a day.



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4 thoughts on “Prefab Spacebox

  1. taylorlord

    This is such a great design! I love the compactness, everything you could ever want!

  2. Cory

    I was wondering: what is the size of the bathroom, does it have a kitchen and what is the approximate cost?

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