The Saidoka: iPhone Docking Simplified


The world of electronics often means a mess of cables. It was a welcome day when we could start plugging our devices into the USB ports on our laptops. But there’s one thing that’s always frustrated me about the device-to-laptop via USB connection. My phone usually flips around, gets pushed, scratched, and buffed all because there’s no way to keep it stationary. Continue reading

Landing Zone 1.0 Pro: Docking Secured


As powerful as laptops are, these days there’s no real reason to have a desktop setup at your office and a Macbook Air left at home. But what you might miss from the workplace is the larger screen real estate. While they’re convenient, staring at an 11” Macbook Air display while trying to draft a new building will leave you a little disoriented. You could always plug-in an external monitor, but then you would just add a mess of cables to your workspace.

Designed for use with the 13- and 11-inch Macbook Air, the Landing Zone 1.0 Pro is the remedy for all docking concerns. With it, you’ll never need to transition from one computer to another. Continue reading

The Cinebox: Inspire the Next Scorsese


I’ve always tried to make whatever television or computer setup I have resemble a movie theater as much as possible. I dreamed of pocket projects that would blast a film onto my old, completely white college dorm room wall. I bought big, external monitors for my laptop that sit high above my bed to produce a somewhat cavernous cinematic feel. Knowing of celebrities that built home theaters in their houses with soda cup holders and unlimited popcorn, I cannot help but think I will never have an impressive setup such as theirs. Continue reading

Sifteo Cubes: Gaming the Past into the Present


For all our adventures into the digital, there’s something undeniably perfect about a really tactile gaming experience. I remember having to spend almost an hour setting up complicated board games with three-dimensional pieces, and there is nothing more satisfying than watching a Jenga tower wobble and fall. And in a way, the Sifteo Cubes is a digital recreation of this older, more tactile gaming world. Continue reading

Guide 10 Plus Battery Pack: Let the Sun Shine On

Book-sized solar panel, plus battery pack, plus USB inlet, equals technology in the wild. The Guide 10 Solar Panel Charge pack from Goal Zero will allow business travelers, freelance creatives and intrepid explorers to keep electronic devices alive even when far from a socket. Continue reading

The Polaroid Z2300: Digital Instant


I was certain that Polaroid had gone out of business by now. But no, they’re still here, and the company’s historic habit of engineering instant photography is still its project. Perhaps, Polaroid was better suited for this time anyway, in which the instantaneous is the standard. They’re constant revisions on an old but very specific theme seems to have kept Polaroid designing fresh cameras. The Z2300 is such a design that takes the well-known Polaroid formula and adds some modern elements. Continue reading

The Audio Pillar: Like Flowers in a Vase


Home sound systems were once like the original computers: huge, room-occupying cubes that protected collections of vacuum tubes and wires. Now there’s no need for those beasts. A device the size of our palm can cycle through more processes in a second than the grand old room computers, and an MP3 player the size of your thumb can play louder than a Hi-Fi module. Then where’s the fun for designers if everything is so small and efficient? Continue reading

Leaf HDTV Antenna: Paper Thin


Little did I know that HDTV signals are broadcast over the air, and they don’t need expensive digital cable and satellite TV services to transmit to your home. But who would want to use the old antenna that looks like kite skeletons? No longer does Dad need to risk his life out on the roof to pivot the antenna in a storm to receive a signal. Continue reading

Nike+ Fuel Band: The Gauntlet of Personal Health Statistics


If only life were a little more like a video game, we could hurt ourselves and watch health bars shrink but then rejuvenate when we picked up floating hearts, or we could increase achievement points by learning a new skill and upgrading our wooden sword to an Anointed Saber, or whatever they call them in fantasy games these days. Maybe our lives will just always be more boring than the video games, that’s why they exist, I suppose. But together, Nike and Apple have created something that simulates a little bit of the video game world in our own. Continue reading

Lapka Personal Environment Monitor: Sixth senses have arrived


The Lapka personal environment monitor is ready to provide you with a whole lot of information about your immediate surrounding that you didn’t get to see before. Unlike anything else on the market really, this device is a gadget that measures radiation, electromagnetic fields, humidity and ‘organicness’(chemical presence) in anything you touch. It then links to your iPhone and generates live recordings on an app, powered only by the phone without the need for extra cables or batteries.
Pretty.damn.neat. Continue reading