The Wall of Sound 2.0: To Wage Musical Wars


At almost 500 pounds and with a width of five feet, the Wall of Sound 2.0 is, undoubtedly, the world’s biggest, and perhaps loudest iPhone speaker in the world. The Swedish-manufactured, hand-made speaker system is a tower of 8000 watts of sound on which your iPhone might look a little ridiculous. Continue reading


Collage Speaker: If Rothko Designed Speakers


The Collage speaker system from In2uit takes all of its inspiration from mid-century modern art. With its bold primary colors, the Collage resembles Mark Rothko’s famous multiforms, paintings that feature big blocks of color. Mechanically, a Bluetooth enabled wireless audio streaming speaker set, the Collage is more than that. Because of its confident design, the Collage is like a sculpture at the same time as it is a tremendous speaker system. Continue reading


LG Pocket Photo Printer: digital photography in-hand


If the Polaroid was the pioneer of instant photos, than the Pocket Photo Printer from LG might be the thing that carries the torch. Although we can take and view digital photos instantaneously, it may take a few more steps to print them for display in older arrangements of frames. Weighing less than one half of a pound, and less than five inches at its largest, the compact Pocket Printer can be carried in a jacket pocket or a messenger bag without any cumbersome weight and bulk. Continue reading


Meteor Mic: plug & record glory


As a musician in New York City, with few funds to pay for a rehearsal space, and a small living space as it is, recording song ideas and tunes is a process of writing things down on paper and hoping I remember how to play them later. For a long time, I was recording songs using my smartphone’s microphone, saving them, plugging the smartphone into my computer, and then uploading the audio files which sounded terrible.

The Meteor Mic from Samson is exactly the thing I need to fulfill my home recording wishes. A condenser microphone with USB connection, the Meteor Mic is perfect for the space-constrained musician or aspiring podcaster. Continue reading


Bluelounge CableBin: For those with a phobia of clutter


There are few things in this modern life than the accumulation of tangled cables in piles on the floor. Yes, they power our ever-important devices, our many, many devices, but I’m sure everyone has experienced the instantaneous rage from getting caught up in a bundle of computer cords. Until there’s some source of completely wireless power, it’s up to designers to create a useful anti-clutter tool. CableBin from Bluelounge is any tangled-agitated individual’s dream. Continue reading


NeatConnect Cloud Scanner: Freedom from Clutter


Most of our work is done on the so-called “Cloud” these days. We write documents using Google Drive, and we manage contacts with a variety of social networks. But certain industries haven’t kept pace with technology. So our accumulation of papers, either academic, legal, or financial, hasn’t really stopped. And if you’re someone like me who fears a pile of documents on your desk, the NeatConnect Cloud Scanner will inspire some ease. Continue reading


Pencil by Fifty Three: Create


Inspired by the traditional carpenter pencil, Pencil was designed for the precise digital artist. Designed for use with Paper, Fifty Three’s creative art iPad app, the Pencil is much more than a stylus for digital displays. Continue reading


Blackmagic Production Camera 4K: From Super 8 to 4K


The Super 8 camera was responsible for a generation of original and inexpensive independent film making. Now, many films are recorded with digital cameras, and while the technology had a rarefied price range for a long time, the cost of high-resolution cameras is shrinking as the technology is getting even better. Now, the frontier is 4K, or a resolution ratio of 3840×2160 pixels, and the Production Camera 4K from Blackmagic is a real beauty. Continue reading


Sonos Play:1: Any song in any room


With so much of our media stored in the cloud, it would make sense for the devices that play the media to be untethered, too. The Play:1 is part of Sonos’ series of speakers that play your music via wireless connections. Using Sonos’ own Hi-Fi wireless audio streaming system, not Bluetooth or Apple’s Airplay, the Play:1 can playback the same or different songs at a range of 30 feet and with no interruption from phone calls or Twitter notifications. Continue reading


No Place Like Home, GPS shoes


I am very serious; there exists a pair of shoes that were custom made with a functional GPS inside. These shoes are not some strange model of futuristic materials. To anyone glancing at them, the shoes look like familiar, leather Oxfords with laces and everything. Continue reading