Chameleon Cabin: Folded Beauty


This genius use of corrugated and folded paper was created as a promotional display for a trade show. The cabin was designed by White Arkitektur to showcase the work of a printing company. Continue reading

Casa da Praia do Felix: Brazilian Tree House


This is the tree house of all of our dreams. Resting lightly above the ground on twelve posts, the two-story home enjoys spectacular views and a separate studio doubles as a guest house or exercise room, with its own roof deck. The structures of posts and beams and steel tension rods allow for virtually unlimited expanses of glass. Continue reading

Dutchess County Residence: a black steel-framed guesthouse


A single-story building, designed by Allied Works, appears to float among lush vegetation and trees. The volume serves the purpose of a guesthouse, as a part of a larger site plan that includes an art gallery and a private residence, spread out on 450 acres of meadow and forest in Dutchess County, NY. Continue reading

House in Ishikiri: a small house with a sense of space


Sometimes even the smallest of buildings can shelter an infinite sense of space: House in Ishikiri in Osaka, Japan reveals the secret behind such a wonderful experience. A small three-story house of 99sqm was designed by Tato Architects and is located on the hillside of Mount Ikoma. At first sight, one can be deceived by the composition of three separate volumes that transform this house into something poetic and unexpected… Continue reading

Villa B: A prefab bio-climatic house In Lyon, France


In Lyon, France Tectoniques Architects developed a symbiotic relation between nature and architecture. Larch cladding and prefabricated modular timber frame compose the body of a box-like, two-story house that seems to be connected to the ground like a tree… In fact, a simple distribution of the domestic program suggests that all areas of this family home were conceived to enhance the relation between interior and exterior. Continue reading

Barbacoa House: small brick house exposed


In Barcelona, Spain there’s a small house that takes a conventional building material like hollow bricks to a higher level. No plaster or any kind of cladding was used to disguise the raw appearance of this material. In fact, those were the reasons behind the concept of this unique 91sqm single-story home. Continue reading

House in Tsurumaki: hexagon + rectangle = a home


House in Tsurumaki is a tiny two-story building designed by Case Real in Tokyo, Japan. The most remarkable thing about this small house of 61sqm lies in its simplicity and grace. A pitched roof volume seems to rest on a pedestal, both clad in the same grey-blue material. Continue reading

Ermitage Cabin: A tiny back-to-black retreat


Get ready to discover a precious architectonic pearl hidden on the island of Trosso, Sweden. Ermitage is a tiny wooden cabin with only 20sqm, designed by French studio Septembre, that conceals a wonderful nature-lover retreat: a sauna and bedroom/living room perfect for two! Continue reading

Goodman House: traditional old barn transformed in Pine Plains, NY


The Goodman House serves as a contemporary vacation home, however by looking at it you would never guess what’s hidden behind its walls. Apparently, an early 1800’s barn was transported from its original site and re-erected inside this contemporary building of 418sqm in Pine Plains, NY. Continue reading

House in Yagi: indoor courtyard family home in Japan


In architecture, behind every facade there’s always something new to be discovered. In Hiroshima, Japan there’s a small two-story family home of 112sqm that conceals an unexpected mystery: an indoor courtyard with an earth floor and a central tree located at the heart of this unique house. Continue reading