Garoza House: modular prefab housing for all

Prefab home in Spain - a 75sqm two-story building

Garoza House is a small prefabricated home in Spain – a 75sqm two-story building that utilizes various dry-construction systems to achieve absolute comfort and efficiency. This compact prefab is based on a modular design that takes into consideration the production in a workshop, with all interior finishes, of the maximum size supported by conventional truck or train transport (3m wide, 2.5m tall, and up to 12m long). Continue reading


Whitstable Eco Perch: A Green Prefab Ready in 5 days

Green prefab cabin ready In 5 days

Imagine a small prefab totally assembled with natural materials and implemented within 5 days? The answer is Whitstable EcoPerch, a luxury 48sqm cabin with a combined kitchen, dining, living area and bedroom that can comfortably accommodate four people. This flexible modular structure can also be adapted to serve as a home office, garden studio or even a classroom. Continue reading


Coffey Hauswirth House: prefab thinking

Modern cabins - Small prefab cabin

Modular architecture will always be a good option for those who seek a fast and lighter answer to a residential program. About 120 mi north of Toronto, Canada, there’s a prefab weekend home called Coffey Hauswirth that puts to the test all the advantages of prefabricated and modular construction. Continue reading


Portable Home APH80: prefab cabin for nomads


The perfect prefab solution for those who seek a modern nomad’s lifestyle is now available by the name of Portable Home APH80. A pitched roof building follows the shape of a traditional Spanish house in order to blend contemporary solutions with traditional values. We’re talking about a small 27sqm prefab cabin for two, equipped with all the basic necessities: kitchen, bathroom, and double bedroom. Continue reading


Casa Till: a beautiful seaside prefab

The perfect getaway retreat in South America is located on a 200m-high and 10km-long cliff of the Chilean coastline. It takes 5km to get to the nearest village from Casa Till, a remarkable prefab building made exclusively by local materials and techniques. A structural grid was conceived in order to obtain the maximum standard solutions in the constructive process: a single-story volume is entirely built in pinewood for its resistance and also for its local abundance turning it into a cheaper choice. Continue reading


Mini House: how to build a prefab house in a weekend

Building a house should be easy and pleasurable, however that’s not always the case… Unless you have a Mini House! This Swedish creation is so powerful for its capacity of taking full advantage of three contemporary premises: prefabrication, flat-pack delivery and weekend-long build-up. Continue reading


Micro Compact Home 016: flying over the lake


Lake Maggiore is a famous large lake located on the south side of the Italian Alps. This natural wonder is now enriched by an astonishing prefab house called Micro Compact Home 016. The most impressive detail about this tiny standard building resides on its ability to gather – In a 2.6 meter cube – a considerable amount of functions. Continue reading


Pedras Salgadas Eco Resort: 7 prefab cabins


The common definition for modular architecture relies on composite buildings which can be made larger or smaller by adding or removing certain components. This can be done without altering larger portions of the building. Modular buildings can also undergo changes in functionality using the same process of adding or removing modular components. That’s what happens in the Eco Resort Pedras Salgadas. Continue reading


Morerava Cabins: eco-prefab on Easter Island


Let me introduce you to a distinctive housing project made for a very special place: Morerava Cabins. This isn’t a conventional prefab cabin project because of the site for where it was meant to be erected: Easter Island. This Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean is one of the world’s most isolated inhabited islands. The challenge was to offer a low-impact retreat to visitors without damaging the already fragile Eco-system environment. Continue reading


Chamfer Home: the Perfect Vacation Home

The Chamfer Home was created as a fully autonomous prefab house. The architects wanted to make a stylish, sustainable and affordable cabin, which would fit a modern lifestyle. The sustainability of the house features efficient heating and cooling, daylight exploitation, solar collectors, passive ventilation, sustainable materials, special double glazed windows, and more. Continue reading