Pedras Salgadas Eco Resort: 7 prefab cabins


The common definition for modular architecture relies on composite buildings which can be made larger or smaller by adding or removing certain components. This can be done without altering larger portions of the building. Modular buildings can also undergo changes in functionality using the same process of adding or removing modular components. That’s what happens in the Eco Resort Pedras Salgadas. Continue reading

Morerava Cabins: eco-prefab on Easter Island


Let me introduce you to a distinctive housing project made for a very special place: Morerava Cabins. This isn’t a conventional prefab cabin project because of the site for where it was meant to be erected: Easter Island. This Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean is one of the world’s most isolated inhabited islands. The challenge was to offer a low-impact retreat to visitors without damaging the already fragile Eco-system environment. Continue reading

Chamfer Home: the Perfect Vacation Home

The Chamfer Home was created as a fully autonomous prefab house. The architects wanted to make a stylish, sustainable and affordable cabin, which would fit a modern lifestyle. The sustainability of the house features efficient heating and cooling, daylight exploitation, solar collectors, passive ventilation, sustainable materials, special double glazed windows, and more. Continue reading

Sugar Gum House: a prefab cabin in Eden

In Victoria, Australia there´s a wooden prefab home quietly settled in a marvelous natural context. Sugar Gum House boost the daily experience of such an exceptional site, perched a few meters from the sea, facing white sandy beaches to the south and luxuriant green hillsides dispersed with cattle and sheep to the north. The stage is undoubtedly set for an enjoyable experience inside a fine example of ecological piece of architecture. Continue reading

Jens Risom’s prefab cabin

Remember we told you about Jens Risom’s prefab cabin on Block Island, south of the coast of Rhode Island?

Well, here’s a wonderful short movie by Dwell, capturing Risom’s thoughts as well as the process of what later became one of the most famous prefab dwellings of the 60′s – an oldie but goodie.

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Container Studio: a black pearl in a forest

Recycled shipping containers always surprise us with their unique versatility and ability to shelter any kind of program… In New York, an artist has a special studio made out of this outstanding prefab.

Once again, low budgets often lead to brilliant solutions: Container Studio consists of a simple structure (78 sq. m. of total area) featuring two modular shipping containers positioned next to each other on a foundation wall. Continue reading

Mima house: housing across the universe

A modular house that can be personalized is always a fresh statement in architecture, and the Mima House is no different. A small prototype is now available in Viana do Castelo, Portugal, for the most adventurous believers in modular housing. A prefabricated cabin aims for a flexible, light and fast produced construction. The cost of this 36 sq. m. volume is similar in cost to a mid-range car. Very attractive price for a house which can be erected in every kind of site and climate! Continue reading

Two-tree house: among Jerusalem pine trees

Simplicity is one of the most audacious challenges that any architect can have. The Two-tree house shows us how this goal is always possible, and when it happens simply leaves no one indifferent! Why does it work? Let’s find out the main reason for the birth of this amazing prefab home. Continue reading

Container Guest House: Live Easily

You don’t have enough room to accommodate your guests? Take a shipping container, place it in your garden and refurbish it as a home for guests. Just like the initiators of the next project did. As a result of their cooperation with the architects, they now can enjoy this cute metal addition as a guest house. Big windows, an outdoor space in the form of a narrow terrace, and even a canopy with street lamps: all the attributes necessary for a small home away from home. Continue reading

The Vato Guest House: Living in the Garden

The Vato guest house, which can be found in the garden of an old family house near Stockholm, was meant to be an additional living space for guests. Therefore, its area was limited to be as small as possible, actually 452 sq. ft., while containing everything that is needed for a comfortable stay.

This small prefab consists of a bedroom and a bathroom (forming a quiet zone), and an open plan space of cooking/dining/living room. A cute, built-in bunk bed is also available in this area for lounging with a good book or simply as an additional sleeping space. Continue reading