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BoKlok Affordable Housing

boklok-affordable-housingThe BoKlok affordable housing concept by Skanska and IKEA and led by Live Smart @ Home, offers good affordable housing at a low cost for just about everyone.

BoKlok (pronounced Boo Clook) means “live smart” therefore the BoKlok homes are unique smart homes, adapted to the day-to-day needs of the modern family, with open spaces, large windows and high ceilings. This affordable housing concept is planned as small-scale residential areas where you know your neighbors and feel safe and secure.

The BoKlok affordable housing target audiences are working people and young families, who are likely to be first time home buyers and have been priced out of the open market.

Completing the BoKlok safe environment and sense of community are inner courtyards and green space, with a particular emphasis on minimizing the impact of cars and parking. The apartments are situated in such a way as to provide a secluded yard with lawns, apple trees and benches where you can spend time with your neighbours. There are between 18 and 36 apartments located in each area, each with either a balcony or patio and, wherever possible, good access to the sun.

boklok-affordable-housing“IKEA, working to create a better daily life for just about everyone, had long wished to contribute more than simply furnishing. Skanska, with its long history in the field of building construction, wished to complement its production portfolio with a house type for those who have a little less disposable income.”

The BoKlok flats and terraced houses come with IKEA kitchens, solar panels and low energy heating, and are designed to exceed all current UK Building Regulations Standards.


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