prefabricated homes wired2 - Prefabricated homes by WIRED & LivingHomes

Prefabricated homes by WIRED & LivingHomes


Wired magazine and LivingHomes partnered to create the first ever WIRED prefabricated home, a showcase of the best in sustainability, technology and design. This 4,057-sq.-ft. $4 million prefab home is in the exclusive Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles.

LivingHomes are a pioneer in green, prefabricated development. Their prefab homes use sustainable, healthier building materials, as well as energy-efficient environmental systems and products, thus contributing to cleaner air, water, and soil.

prefabricated-homes-wired-livinghomesConsistent with its focus on sustainable design, this Wired prefabricated home features a forced hot air radiant heating and cooling system; recycled glass bathroom countertops; Heath ceramic tile; low-maintenance high-design ecological kitchen cabinetry; an environmentally friendly washer/dryer system that uses less water and energy; windows and doors constructed with recycled glass and aluminum; reclaimed redwood milled from old military barracks; FSC-certified exterior siding; tankless water heaters; and LED lights that consume less energy than conventional light bulbs.



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