artist retreat lake house 5 - Lago Vista Lake House: An Artist Retreat

Lago Vista Lake House: An Artist Retreat


This modern cabin is every artist’s dream – Secluded yet in touch with nature. It serves as a small vacation home as well as an artists’ retreat, and in fact was commissioned by a highly creative family including a painter, writer and set-designer.

This charming lake house reminds me of the Broadford Farm’s beautiful outdoor pavilion, with its angled roof, wooden frame and large glass walls. It also has a simple shed structure, with a large cantilevering roof covering an expansive exterior patio.



On one side, the structure resembles a wooden box, containing the functional utilitarian core of the house. On the other side, large glass openings connect the open layout on all sides toward the patio and creek beyond – The perfect place to summon your creativity.




* More info at Bercy Chen Studio


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