small cottage extension design md 1000x667 - Split End House

Split End House

Constructed with a heady display of richly stained Australian timber along with dense black framing, this small cottage extension is a Melbourne delight through and through.

Originally operating as a ‘workers cottage’, the new extension at the back of this home now combines work and play perfectly. With an open-concept approach that leads effortlessly from kitchen to dining room to living room to patio, this home’s flow is top-notch.

small cottage back extension md - Split End House

small cottage extension design md2 - Split End House

Keeping in-step with the airy approach, the pale white walls, soft grey couch and transparent three-tier dining room lights are as visually breezy as the Australian air coming in from the rollaway living room door.

small cottage extension design living md - Split End House

small cottage extension design space md - Split End House

small cottage extension kitchen design md - Split End House

small cottage extension design storage md - Split End House

Cozy and comfortable defines this cottage, while the crisscrossed roofline builds upon the character of the home, bringing a curious array of light into the space throughout the day.

Tight walkways leading to open concept living, meld old and new brilliantly, from the windows to the walls – and everything in-between.

small cottage extension design side md - Split End House

Architects: Martires Doyle
Photography: Jonathon Griggs

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