renovated barn house li 101 50x50 - 10 Beautiful Bathrooms To Soak Up Ideas & Inspiration

10 Beautiful Bathrooms To Soak Up Ideas & Inspiration

From purely modern to traditional style, combining glass, slate, wood and tiles, our favorite top 10 bathroom designs will make you start renovating today.


The master bath, of a 110-year-old renovated barn house in Long Island, is light and spacious, sheathed in dark slate floor tiles.
Photography: Roger Davies. Continue reading

shower spa sensorysky 50x50 - Sensory sky: Beyond singing in the rain

Sensory sky: Beyond singing in the rain


Have you recently perhaps had a unique spa experience? I’ve had mine much further to the past than I actually would like, still I remember with detail every sensation and emotion as water was dripping on my head and body in a variety of tensity, shapes, releasing simultaneously essential oils… the smell of fresh mint almost still tickling my nose.

Now, let’s press fast forward a tiny little bit, to the moment where I choose to incorporate a pretty amazing thing in the shower room of our one-day-new-house, so that I no longer have to rely on spa experiences taking place once in a while. Instead exactly whenever I want to. Sensory sky, made by Dornbracht, seems like the perfect choice. Continue reading

bathroom design toillet numi4 50x50 - Numi Toillet: if James Bond had a bathroom...

Numi Toillet: if James Bond had a bathroom…

Good design and function should be present everywhere in a modern beautiful and comfortable home. The bathroom is no exception. Neither is the toilet. Taking control of one’s comfort and control in that very private place can be as important as taking care of purchasing the most comfortable sofa for your living room where the family gathers together.

Numi, Kohler’s most advanced toilet marks a new standard of excellence in the bathroom, with its striking form and its unique feature of its unrivaled water efficiency. A fine combination of a gorgeous design flirting with clean lines, Numi’s technology and engineering will bring you the finest in personal comfort and cleansing. Continue reading

cork wash basin sfd 50x50 - Cork Wash Basin: Au-Naturel in The Bathroom

Cork Wash Basin: Au-Naturel in The Bathroom


A part of the award-winning collection from Portuguese duo behind Simple Forms Design, the cork washbasin is a functioning sink in a material more usually associated with wine bars and beach huts. The piece nicely sums up the design houses’ mission – to revive forgotten materials into pieces that can stand alone in any interior. The cork is given a modern flavor with rubber composite mix and a specialist surface treatment against water and wear. Continue reading

bathroom basin step 50x50 - Step bathroom basin: Step Right Up

Step bathroom basin: Step Right Up


Bathroom design is sometimes underestimated. After all it’s “just” a place we spend only but a small fraction of our lives. However small the fraction, it is quite important, when we consider that our days begin and end in our bathrooms. Ensuring that these rooms of our domestic environments are well taken care off and they also express our personalities and interior design preferences is important. A day that begins in a beautifully lit, aesthetically pleasing space prepares us properly for the day ahead of us, while setting the tone for how we’ll react to life and its happenings. Continue reading

designer radiator trame 50x50 - Trame radiator: a hot looking appliance

Trame radiator: a hot looking appliance


The corporate mission of Tubes could be in fact every interior designer’s and architect’s dream come true: introducing radiators that look more like architectural elements than system components, radiators that are not restricted to satisfying heating requirements. A perfect balance in terms of utmost energy efficiency and aesthetics is achieved, while making your living room or bathroom look and feel fabulous. Continue reading

bathroom design inky1 50x50 - Inkstone by Italian Neutra: heavenly bathrooms

Inkstone by Italian Neutra: heavenly bathrooms


What do Italian design and Chinese calligraphy have in common? Well, depending on the perspective pretty much or perhaps not quite a lot. But in the case of the Italian bathroom design brand Neutra, Chinese calligraphy is the initial inspiration for the creation of their recently released, sleek, minimal collection called Inkstone, designed by the award winning architect Steve Leung. Continue reading

bathroom design axor1 50x50 - Axor bathroom collection: playful compositions in unique bathrooms

Axor bathroom collection: playful compositions in unique bathrooms


“Feel Free to Compose your Bathroom” – encourage us the brilliant French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec! What a great moto to begin with!

Potential clients like you and me may express ourselves freely, while designing a bathroom “sur mesure” according to our individual taste and needs. Thanks to the wide range of products, surpassing the amount of 70, they have designed for their bathroom line Axor Bouroullec, one can decide on their own, how to combine individual elements such as washbasins, bathtubs, mixers, shower and shower systems, furniture and all kind of bath related accessories.

It is as if they let us take part in the creative process and allow us to paint on a canvas the image of our dreams, just being supportive enough to provide the colors and materials. Continue reading

glass shower stall avec 61 50x50 - Avec moi + toi shower unit: high quality wellness in your home

Avec moi + toi shower unit: high quality wellness in your home


When it comes to wellness, one must begin from their own environment. However uncommon it may be to encounter such amazing shower units – like the one designed by internationally recognized for their high quality of work, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba – as much they gain ground among consumers.

As often said before, this is an era where a twist in spending quality time in our domestic environments is a characteristic. People choose to invest in their homes, understanding the big amount of time proportion they spend there. A comfortable living room, a functional kitchen, a relaxing bedroom, are as important as a bathroom where real recreation can take place. Continue reading

toilet brush ballo1 50x50 - Ballo Toilet Brush: Twist N' Shake

Ballo Toilet Brush: Twist N’ Shake


Well, sometimes the good mood and vibrant ambiance should exist in your bathroom too. And the new Ballo Toilet Brush, from Normann Copenhagen, will make sure of all that. Ballo is different – an amusing toilet brush, that wobbles back and forth, wishing you a colorful welcome to your bathroom; hence the name Ballo, which means ‘dance’ in Italian. Well, it’s time to twist n’ shake something… Continue reading