table lamps birzi - Birzi Table Lamps

Birzi Table Lamps


Designed by Carlo Forcolini and Giancarlo Fassina, the Birzi lamp collection from Luceplan, is an interactive, whimsical table light made of silicone, which takes on different shapes and sizes according to the user’s playfulness. The different colors flatter its silhouette, giving it a dynamic and contemporary look – Perfect for your bedroom, living room or office. Continue reading

pendant lamp splugen brau - Splugen Brau Pendant Lamp

Splugen Brau Pendant Lamp


Designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in the early 60’s, the Splügen Bräu is a beautiful, round light fixture from Flos. Attach the steel fitting to your ceiling and admire this wonderful lamp as it suspends above your dining table, providing direct lighting with a contemporary style. Continue reading

floor lamp kevin flos - Kelvin Lamp Collection

Kelvin Lamp Collection


Kelvin is definitely one of my favorite lighting collections. Whether as a floor lamp for the living room, on the entrance wall or as an adjustable table lamp for your study, their design is classy and unique. Continue reading

unique paper lampshade - Honeycomb Lamp

Honeycomb Lamp


Japanese studio Kyouei Design created these charming, paper lampshades. As you can see, gathering a few of these unique lamps together creates the most amazing lighting effect. Continue reading

wall light costanzina - Costanzina Wall Light

Costanzina Wall Light


Design by Paolo Rizzatto for Luceplan, the Costanzina is a slender and discrete wall lamp, which fits easily into any room, whether public or private. What i like most about this lamp is its flexibility – It can be mounted regardless of whether a light socket is available, thanks to its cable that can be lowered to the nearest mains plug. Continue reading

ceiling fan light blow - Blow Ceiling Fan

Blow Ceiling Fan


Designed by Ferdi Giardini for Luceplan, Blow is a unique ceiling fan featuring an exceptionally quiet motor and a light fixture placed above its clear or multicolor blades, meaning the fan can be installed while leaving the existing electricity system unaltered, or using ordinary switches that can be inserted in traditional wall plates. The blades, with their particular profile and transparency, make the light elegant and easy on the eye. Continue reading

wooden bulb lamp - Wooden Bulb Lamp

Wooden Bulb Lamp


Look, a light bulb within a lightbulb! I love the concept behind this unique and clever, little lamp. It’s made out of laser cut plywood, which leaves a crisp burned edge, creating a waffle like glow. Continue reading

solar lights mobile - Solar Mobile Lights

Solar Mobile Lights


I love this beautiful set of mobile lights by Japanese studio Kyouei Design, it seems so graceful and airy – The perfect outdoor solar lighting solution for my garden. Continue reading

table lamp gaku 2 - Gaku Table Lamp

Gaku Table Lamp


I found these amazing lighting fixtures by contemporary German designer, Ingo Maurer, and I was truly blown away by their unique presence and form. Continue reading

unique sticky lamp 2 - Unique Sticky Lamp

Unique Sticky Lamp


The Sticky Lamp, by Dutch designer Chris Kabel, is a lamp with a sticker. Simply peel off the back lid and stick it wherever you want, on the ceiling, the door, wall or floor. Continue reading