huggable pillows dlight3 - d light Huggable: Enlightened Pillow Talk

d light Huggable: Enlightened Pillow Talk


The d-light huggable cushion is like my own personal square of sunshine. I really am not a winter person. Actually I like the clothes but everything else is a little depressing: the rain, the cold, the fact that it gets dark so early. As you can imagine, my idea of a perfect holiday is a sunny beach, preferably in July or August. Since moving to a Greek island is out of the question I have found the next best thing – I can create my own personal sunny weather with the d-light huggable cushion. Continue reading

recycled lamps cakevintage5 - Cake Vintage: Recycled Lamps and Spoondeliers

Cake Vintage: Recycled Lamps and Spoondeliers


Robbie and Angie Cook from Cake Vintage decided to create something different. …and I’m glad they did. I mean, who wouldn’t want an item that is extraordinary and special as their lighting fixtures? What started as an evening with friends, sitting around with a selection of vintage doorknobs and a bottle of wine, turned into a unique lighting collection hand crafted from vintage key plates, silver-plate flatware, spoons and teacups. Tea party, anyone? Continue reading

unique light bubbles5 - The d light Bubbles: Delightful In So Many Ways

The d light Bubbles: Delightful In So Many Ways


The dºlight light bubbles are so true to their name because they are delightful in so many ways. Whenever I re-decorate I always seem to have trouble deciding about the lighting fixtures. First I have to decide if I want overhead lighting or not, then if I want standing lamps, hanging lamps, table lamps, spot lamps….. in short so many decisions and this is before I’ve even tackled the subject of design and ambiance. This is why I love the concept of these light bubbles by designer Diana Lin. Continue reading

unique lamp light muse4 - AXO Muse Collection: Inspiring Light

AXO Muse Collection: Inspiring Light


Inspired by the world of pastries with a vast range of beautiful colors, the Muse Collection by AXO is everything you need to create an ambient diffused illumination. It could be installed as a pendant light, a ceiling lamp or mounted on a wall; the metal frame of this lamp is wrapped with soft, elasticized fabric – removable and washable; the solid color versions feature a glass diffuser to evenly diffuse the light. A source of inspiration… Continue reading

bulb lampshade droog 2 - Hang On Easy Lampshade: Bulb Fiction

Hang On Easy Lampshade: Bulb Fiction


The Hang On Easy lampshade, by droog, is an excellent way to cover any exposed light bulb you have in your home, giving it a much more elegant look. An exposed light-bulb around the house is not only a decorative hurdle but also a lighting disaster.

With this unique lampshade the idea is simple and easy – simply put it on, very easily and hassle-free; so not only you’ll upgrade its appearance to a decorative stylish item, but the bulb will also spread soft, warm light throughout the space. This is not just a magical trick to make your bulb disappear, this is literally – bulb fiction. Continue reading

unique lamps cubrik4 - Santa & Cole Cubrik Light: Box Of Light

Santa & Cole Cubrik Light: Box Of Light


The Cubrik Light, by Santa & Cole, is a series of unique lamps that owe their names to the Rubik Cube. The idea behind this collection was to make a large-sized cubical lamp that would offer as many possibilities of composition as there are moods, so that the user could have a different lamp at any given moment. The one-of-a-kind collection of the Cubrik Light includes a suspension lamp, table lamp, wall light and pendant light. It’s not just a box of light, it’s an enlightened box. Continue reading

candlelight lamp imageo - Imageo CandleLight: Cool Candles

Imageo CandleLight: Cool Candles


The Imageo CandleLight by Philips is a mood lighting fixture I’d like to call an ‘ambiance maker’. This item is truly unique – a set of 3 electric lights, providing the warm glow of a flickering candle, without the hazards of open flames and hot wax. Each glass candle light is rechargeable and wireless, and can operate for up to 20 hours on a 10-hour charge. What a great way to combine between the special atmosphere created by candle light with a stylish designed item to enrich the entire room. Continue reading

floating light aqualight - Imageo AquaLight: The Right Light for Every Delight

Imageo AquaLight: The Right Light for Every Delight


The Imageo AquaLight is a gorgeous set of 3 floating lights from Philips. These candle-like rechargeable lights are easily recharged using the wireless induction charger, providing more than an evening of light per charge.

This an ideal decorative idea – place them in a bath tub, pool or use as a centerpiece in water-filled vases, they project a soft flickering light that provides the effect of a classic candle. Enjoying the soft glow and special ambiance created by the lights will make everyone relaxed and at ease – Perfect for entertaining friends, family and that special someone. Continue reading

portable guidelight philips - Philips Portable GuideLight: Out Of Darkness

Philips Portable GuideLight: Out Of Darkness


The new generation of flashlights is here – Philips Portable Guide Light – a portable LED light with a bright yet soft light. It is battery operated and provides more than entire evening of use, it recharges easily using wireless induction charger, it automatically turns on when it senses motion and after 20 seconds without movement, the light will automatically turn off; it is safe to use as it remains cool to touch because of the LEDs. This is an ideal friend to have to scare away the dark. Continue reading

modern lamp tubetop2 - Tube Top Lamp: Modern Talking

Tube Top Lamp: Modern Talking


One of my friends was facing something I’d like to call mission impossible – she was redesigning her teenage daughter’s room. As I was saying – mission impossible, or, if you’d like – a recipe for disaster. Well, the young lady has a mind of her own and to say it gently, didn’t quite approved of the artistic look & feel. After endless fights over color, patterns, designs and furniture, it all came down to the lightning. Nothing was right, everything my friend liked her daughter didn’t; the word ‘old’ was said so many times, it was almost meaningless….

So, we went on a hunt for the modern, cheerful, uniquely designed lamp that will combine happy colors with a stylish look. Luckily enough we found it. This was exactly what we were looking for and was strongly approved by the opinionated teenager – meet the Tube Top lamp. Continue reading