floor lamp fortuny 2 - Fortuny Floor Lamp

Fortuny Floor Lamp


This unique lamp is totally way over my budget, however when you see something that beautiful you simply have to share it with the world. Originally designed by Spanish designer Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo in 1907, the Fortuny lamp was an elegant adaptation of indirect photography lighting for the home. Continue reading

adjustable pendant light 2 - Max Up & Down Light

Max Up & Down Light


Famous for his amazing light installations and unique lamps, German designer Ingo Maurer created this beautiful pendant light. The interesting feature of this hanging lamp is that it can be continuously adjustable thanks to the coiling mechanism integrated in the canopy. Continue reading

unique lamp magic - Kind of Magic

Kind of Magic


Seemingly ignoring the laws of gravity, this light will give any room a magical touch. It’s a unique lamp with a contemporary style and a versatile twist – depending on your needs, it can easily transform from a table lamp to a floor light and back again. Continue reading

hanging lamp kapow - Kapow Kaboom Lamp

Kapow Kaboom Lamp


Decorate your home with this explosion of whimsy, bold piece that really packs a visual punch. Kapow is a looped and elasticated explosion of acrylic tubing. Kaboom is the large format version of the Kapow! Give any of the weightless mesh loops a playful tug and watch them pop back into place. Continue reading

unique lamp lite2go 2 - Lite2go Lamp

Lite2go Lamp


Lite2go is a unique, eco-friendly lighting fixture, from design studio Knoend, where by assembling the lamp, the packaging itself becomes the shade for the light bulb and fixture contained within. Continue reading

pendant light snowflake - Snowflake Pendant Light

Snowflake Pendant Light


This unique pendant light from Innermost will add a charming touch to your interior home decor – perfect for the holidays as well as all year round. Continue reading

unique lamp shade stray 2 - Double Stray Lamp Shade

Double Stray Lamp Shade


Designed by Inga Sempé for Artecnica, the Double Stray is a unique, collapsible lampshade inspired by the simplicity and translucence of Chinese paper lanterns. You could easily pair this light this with a low profile platform bed which is heavily influenced by Asian design for an oriental style bedroom. Continue reading

unique lamp bowling pin 2 - Knock Off Bowling Pin Lamp

Knock Off Bowling Pin Lamp


Through sheer association, this bowling pin shaped lamp is just waiting to be knocked over, which is great because that is actually how you turn the light off. When it is knocked over, it waits to be stood back up to illuminate the space with a soft glow. Continue reading

pendant lamp pod lens - Pod Lens

Pod Lens


Designed by the talented Ross Lovegrove, this designer lighting collection from Luceplan is perfect for indoors as well as outdoors; whether high or low, stuck into the ground or hanging from tree branches, the Pod Lens will illuminate your home garden, patio, around the swimming pool or even the vegetable garden. Inside the house, when raised on a high stem with aluminum base, the Pod Lens becomes a lightweight floor lamp. Continue reading

suspension lamp skygarden 3 - Skygarden



Designed by Marcel Wanders, the Skygarden pendant lamp artfully blends classic detail with contemporary design. To get yourself one of these beautiful light fixtures, you’ll need to spend a couple of $$$, although in my eyes this spectacular lamp is as unique as the delicately sculptured garden foliage design decorating its interior. Continue reading