floor table light lim5 - LIM Floor/Table Task Light: Bright with Light

LIM Floor/Table Task Light: Bright with Light


My study is my temple. I need everything there to be exactly the way I want it, in order for me to be able to do some work. Not too long ago I knew it was time for a change, as I felt things are not right anymore, but I couldn’t lay my finger on it. After some thought and small tests with reorganizing the room, I knew for sure what it was – it was the lighting.

Most times we are unaware of how lighting can and does affect our state of mind, when I realized it, I knew I’m on the hunt for a special design, a modern lamp, yet not threatening, a lamp that will be versatile and spread warm light to make me feel at ease. When I laid my eyes on the LIM light, I knew this was it. Continue reading

table pendant lamp belo - Bel Occhio Table/Pendant Lamp: Like a Moth to a Flame

Bel Occhio Table/Pendant Lamp: Like a Moth to a Flame


When it was my turn to host a dinner party I knew I had to bring on the “X Factor”. Every one of my friends had that something they were famous for, I had nothing. I knew that cooking wise this will be a lost cause as I’m nowhere close to my friends ability and I knew my servings wouldn’t make the cut, it was time to look at the big picture. It was time to think about the lightning. I needed an item to draw everyone’s attention and to create a unique and special atmosphere.

I found exactly what I needed – the beautiful Bel Occhio Pendant, by Pablo Design, is a combination of both a multi-position spot light and a suspension lamp. Continue reading

table pendant light phrena2 - Phrena Table/Pendant Lamp: Magic Light

Phrena Table/Pendant Lamp: Magic Light


One of my friends had a “design crisis” in one of her rooms. She had to do something with it. It seemed like nothing was right with that room. I’m not sure myself what was it exactly, I just knew that it didn’t work out. Sometimes you only need to change one thing in order to change everything. That is exactly what happened to my friend. She got the unique Phrena lamp by Karl Zahn, which can serve both as a table and a pendant light, and instantly the room had transformed – It was magic. Continue reading

floor lamp steampunk - Steampunk Floor Lamp: A Bright Spot

Steampunk Floor Lamp: A Bright Spot


Very few floor lamps are able to create and add to a room such as Jamie Young’s Steampunk Floor Lamp. It seems like it has everything – a good old fashioned look, and a classic design that will add a professional ambiance to the entire room. Continue reading

crystal chandelier lisbon - The Lisbon Chandelier: Shimmering Crystal

The Lisbon Chandelier: Shimmering Crystal


Take a look at this chandelier. My soft spot is for items that say style, prestige, antique and class altogether. This unique piece says it all and then some. When you walk into a room, any room, you immediately feel a certain vibe. This vibe could be created by the people in the room or by different furniture, pictures and lightning.

Imagine yourself walking into a room where this exquisite chandelier is hanging, spreading its glorious light and brightening the entire room. Imagine the amazing vibe created in that room. Continue reading

floor lamp ralph lauren - Ralph Lauren Perry Floor Lamp – Style it Up

Ralph Lauren Perry Floor Lamp – Style it Up


Every once in a while I come across a stylish item that will fit perfectly in any room I could think of; however, rarely do I find such item that says chic, elegance and class all at the same time. This industrial floor lamp by Ralph Lauren is such a unique item. It’s finished in antiqued brass with a durable heavy-gauge lock mechanism for security, its height adjusts to 35″ and it uses one 60-watt bulb. Continue reading

unique lamps livingcolors - LivingColors Mini Lamp: Changing of the Colors

LivingColors Mini Lamp: Changing of the Colors


With this clever, versatile lamp you can create the right atmosphere for cozy evenings at home, dinner parties, game nights, or any family event. You can wash a wall, corner, or room with the color that matches your mood. The Philips LivingColors Mini LED lamp is an innovative mood setter that can project up to 256 different color combinations. Continue reading

unique lamp light write - Write? Light! - Bright Idea

Write? Light! – Bright Idea


How often do your most creative ideas come to you just as you’re starting to fall asleep? now you have to get up, hit the light and start looking for a pencil or risk losing the thought forever. With this smart little table light all you need to do is just take out the pencil to turn it on, jot down your breakthrough inspiration then put the pencil back in to turn the light off. Continue reading

ceiling lamp 360 4 - 360° Lamp

360° Lamp


Made from white plastic with a mirror surface, this unique lighting fixture is an easy to assemble ceiling lamp that will fit various spaces throughout your home. Continue reading

table lamp mirandolina - Mirandolina Table Lamp

Mirandolina Table Lamp


Designed by Paolo Rizzatto for Luceplan, Mirandolina is a modern table lamp, made of aluminum and blown glass, that provides diffused/task lighting. Its unique concept is developed around the lamp holder, which serves as the support for the bulb and the diffuser, creating a connection through the stem to the supporting base. Continue reading