victorian conversion chapel 9 - Tin Chapel: Victorian Conversion

Tin Chapel: Victorian Conversion

If you’re looking to be inspired by unique interior design, look no further than Nick Kenny’s Victorian corrugated-iron chapel home and workplace in Faversham, Kent. Nick Kenny, an artist and craftsman, has been restoring this unique piece of architecture for the past few years by using recycled materials and re-purposed items found in salvage yards, clearance sales, auctions and so forth.

This beautiful historical structure was originally a Church of England building, paid for by the community and bought flat-packed from a catalog. Brilliant! A prefabricated building kit from the late 1800s.

Nick bought it for £90,000, knowing that taking on a place like this is an adventure, as you never really know how much more it might cost to renovate.

The basic design of this 200 sq. meter home is corrugated-iron cladding around a timber construction of standard 4” by 2” pitch pine.

The Chapel is full of Gothic styled elements, like the beautiful wooden window frames, arched doorway, and wrought-iron finials along the ridge of the roof. Interiors are full of vintage-rustic character, where Nick’s unique and quirky style is expressed in every nook and cranny.

A spiral iron staircase, leading to the sleeping platform, used to be an old external fire escape;

the kitchen units were made from leftover tiles and recycled zinc;

a floating mezzanine level up above the kitchen serves as sleeping quarters.

* More info at Nick Kenny


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