boogie woogie shaker - Boogie Woogie Shakers

Boogie Woogie Shakers


These charming salt & pepper shakers are ready to spice up dinner and your mood! With a stylish tumbler-shaped body and large, elegant wheels, you simply give ’em a slight push and let them roll on to other guests around the table. Pass the salt, please. Continue reading

salt pepper mill graviti - Graviti Pepper Mill

Graviti Pepper Mill


The Graviti salt and pepper mill is another great cooking tool from Trudeau – Simply flip it upside down and let gravity do the rest! No buttons are required to activate this battery-operated mill, thanks to gravity sensors which automatically initiate and terminate grinding based on the movement and position of the mill. Continue reading

salt pepper set balance 2 - Balance Salt and Pepper Set

Balance Salt and Pepper Set


Similar to a zen garden balancing stones, this minimalist salt & pepper set, by Toast Living, provides harmony and aesthetics while achieving the perfect balance between ingredients – perfect for the feng shui home or an Asian-inspired table decor. Continue reading

typhoon pantone mill - Typhoon Pantone Mill

Typhoon Pantone Mill


As a designer, the Pantone book of color always makes me smile but also a bit indecisive. This beautiful array of colors is quite overwhelming for a designer who needs to pick the perfect pallet. Over the years Pantone decided to turn every day items into exciting accessories with bold splashes of color based on fashion color trends, so I’ve chosen one of my favorite ‘must buy’ kitchen gadget for all you design lovers and color enthusiasts. Continue reading

twist salt pepper mills - Twist Salt & Pepper

Twist Salt & Pepper


Shake your tailfeather with the Twist Salt and Pepper mills by Danish designer Philip Bro Ludvigsen for Georg Jensen. Continue reading

pepper salt shaker - Mr. p's collectible pepper salt shaker

Mr. p’s collectible pepper salt shaker

collectible-pepper-salt-shakerI love mr. p’s set of collectible pepper salt shaker. Mr p’s parents are Thailand design company “Propaganda”, a group of advertising experts who recognized that something was missing from everyday products – the innate sense of Thai playfulness. “Sense of humor plays an important role here, but more importantly, the universal design”.

Mr p set of collectible pepper salt shaker smiles so wide you can see holes in his teeth. Remove his dentures to feed him with salt & pepper and don’t forget to dust him clean once in a while, with proper care and handling. Continue reading