salt pepper mill graviti - Graviti Pepper Mill

Graviti Pepper Mill


The Graviti salt and pepper mill is another great cooking tool from Trudeau – Simply flip it upside down and let gravity do the rest! No buttons are required to activate this battery-operated mill, thanks to gravity sensors which automatically initiate and terminate grinding based on the movement and position of the mill.

All you need to do is insert six AAA batteries and with just one hand make an effortless tilt motion to grind either peppercorns, sea salt crystals or dry spices.

This excellent kitchen gadget has a clear acrylic window to let you know when it’s time to refill as well as a large adjustable knob to set desired grind level. Equipped with a highly durable ceramic grinder at the top, the 7-3/4” high Graviti Mill will maintain its sharpness and never rust even when used over a steaming pot.


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