typhoon pantone mill - Typhoon Pantone Mill

Typhoon Pantone Mill


As a designer, the Pantone book of color always makes me smile but also a bit indecisive. This beautiful array of colors is quite overwhelming for a designer who needs to pick the perfect pallet. Over the years Pantone decided to turn every day items into exciting accessories with bold splashes of color based on fashion color trends, so I’ve chosen one of my favorite ‘must buy’ kitchen gadget for all you design lovers and color enthusiasts.

Available in five fashionable colors: black, blue, olive, pink and red, the Typhoon Pantone Mill is a stylish cooking tool and simply perfect for grinding – pepper, salt, spices and even coffee – with style. It has up to 40-different fixed settings from fine to coarse. Easy to change to a new position and keeps the setting with the click system. It does not corrode or wear out and easy to rinse with brush or mild detergent.

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