wine thermometer menu - Wine Thermometer by Menu

Wine Thermometer by Menu


Part of the Jakob Wagner wine gifts & accessories collection for ‘Menu’ this beautiful wine thermometer is next in line. It attaches itself around your wine bottle like a belt, letting you know within minutes, what’s the temperature of your favorite wine so you could enjoy that perfect taste. Continue reading

bottle cap opener arnold - Arnold Bottle Cap Opener

Arnold Bottle Cap Opener


Meet Arnold. A strong little turtle that will come to grips with stubborn tops and bottle caps in your kitchen. Continue reading

decorative wine holder arc - Wine Arc Bottle Holders

Wine Arc Bottle Holders


Display your favorite wine bottle, while balanced in mid-air, with this beautiful wood arc holder – A decorative centerpiece that will capture everyone’s attention. Continue reading

wine foilcutter wagner - Wine Foilcutter by Jakob Wagner

Wine Foilcutter by Jakob Wagner


Jakob Wagner is a remarkable designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Wagner created a collection of beautiful wine gifts and accessories for ‘Menu’ and I have decided to share them all with you. Our first runner up is this sleek wine foil cutter Continue reading

wine aerator vinturi1 - Vinturi Wine Aerator: Let It Breath

Vinturi Wine Aerator: Let It Breath


When you pour wine into a decanter to let it mix with oxygen, you enable it to develop and come to life. It is well known that wine which has been allowed to breathe tastes better; as it breathes, it opens up, and releases its intended aromas and flavors. The unique Vinturi wine aerator eliminates the need for traditional decanting, providing perfect aeration in the time it takes to pour a glass. Continue reading

bottle rack holder setup - Set Up Bottle Rack Holder

Set Up Bottle Rack Holder


This modular rack is fantastic. It can grow in any direction, taking up a whole wall with its honeycombed, modular design. Based on four elements, this stylish storage unit can be stacked vertically or horizontally in your kitchen, bath, living room or office; hence the name ‘Set Up’. It can also be used as low dividers to complete floor to ceiling partitions. Continue reading

cigar wine bar maxbenjamin1 - Wine Travel Case Max Benjamin

Wine Travel Case Max Benjamin


This travel case is for those who enjoy the finer things in life while traveling, like a nice glass of fine wine and a good cigar to accompany it. If you like the good life, keep on reading because you would surely like this luxurious Mini Cigar and Wine Bar from Max Benjamin – The hottest gift idea for every wine & cigar aficionado. Continue reading


Mulholland Wine Bags


You can never go wrong with the Mulholland Brothers wine carriers. These leather totes are simply gorgeous! Whether for two, four or even six bottles, this sophisticated collection of bags has been designed to meet the needs of any wine connoisseur. Continue reading

spin wine pourer1 - Spin Wine Pourer

Spin Wine Pourer


SpinWine is a whole new concept evolving wine pourers and decanters. The wine circulates and aired in the SpinWine small open cup, before it is led through the double spiral and down into your glass. Continue reading

wine thermometer mertens - Wine Thermometer Carl Mertens

Wine Thermometer Carl Mertens


Made from satin steel, Carl Mertens wine thermometer has a sleek contemporary design – A unique and functional wine gift idea for yourself and your loved ones! Continue reading