argento drinkware glass 4 - Argento Drinkware: This Glass is Half Full

Argento Drinkware: This Glass is Half Full


When we entertain for dinner, we’re mostly worried about the dish set we’re going to use, the table decoration, the map, the candles and somehow we give very little thought, if any, to the glasses. We usually end up with the all familiar “regular” wine glass. As I saw the Argento Drinkware set, designed by Julia Knight, I immediately thought to myself that this is a unique, elegant and sophisticated set, which will add to the entire decoration and will help to create the ambiance I want. Continue reading

wine glass shelf - Wine Gifts: Floating Shelf

Wine Gifts: Floating Shelf


This unique floating shelf is a very attractive addition to any bar, cocktail cabinet or drinks table. Sturdily made from wood composite and finished with Java, black paint, it accommodates six wine glasses and the top doubles as a shelf that can be used to store bottles or other items up to a maximum load of 15lb. Continue reading

wine gifts clef du vin4 - Peugeot Clef du Vin: The Key to Good Wines

Peugeot Clef du Vin: The Key to Good Wines


The Peugeot Clef du Vin (Wine Key) is a calibrated tool that instantly reveals the aging potential of any wine. As wine ages, it first develops, then matures and finally declines. The Clef du Vin tells you how your wine will mature over the course of time and provides the opportunity to accelerate the maturing process. Continue reading

bacardi mojito muddler 2 - Bacardi Muddler: Muddling Along

Bacardi Muddler: Muddling Along


I want to tell you about the Bacardi Muddler and to introduce you (if you do not already know about it) to the preparation of a great cocktail drink – Bacardi Mojito. Before I do this, I should ascertain that you are over 18 because of the alcohol content, but I trust you!! So, here we go. One of the most important processes in preparing this drink is to muddle with a muddler. Continue reading

sommelier wine glasses1 - Sommelier Wine Glasses: Plastic, Paper or Glass?

Sommelier Wine Glasses: Plastic, Paper or Glass?


When I first saw the Sommelier wine glasses, designed by Maxim Velcovsky for Qubus, I could have sworn these were regular plastic cups, however at a second look I wasn’t quite sure anymore. Continue reading

shot glasses bombs - Bombs Away Shot Glasses

Bombs Away Shot Glasses


These unique shot glasses will blow you away! So the next time you plan a party, make sure you’re well armed with this dashingly dangerous, outright hilarious set. Continue reading

fingerfood party - Fingerfood Party

Fingerfood Party


Finger food parties are a hoot! However, balancing a pig-in-a-blanket with your Dom Perignon is not an easy task. Fortunately, these charming little plates, called Fingerfood, come with rings that fit right on your finger – Perfect for the ultimate party multi-tasking. Continue reading

wine glass winestein - Winestein



This whimsical-looking glass by Fred Studio, is a great gift for wine lovers and beer aficionados – a cross between a beer stein and a wine glass, combining the two into one. Continue reading

wine cooler coat21 50x50 - Cool Coat Wine Cooler

Cool Coat Wine Cooler


Check out this great gift, it’s actually a wine cooler for those of you who appreciate a perfectly chilled wine. It’s designed by one of Scandinavia’s top designers, Jakob Wagner, who also brought us a sleek wine foil cutter and a modern bottle holder. Continue reading

wine set vignon1 - Vignon Wine Set

Vignon Wine Set


Both attractive and practical, this compact set comes with a special holder that brings together three indispensable wine tools: a waiter’s corkscrew, decanting pourer and vacuum stopper – an ideal gift for wine lovers! Continue reading