twist cocktail shaker1 - Twist Cocktail Shaker

Twist Cocktail Shaker


Twist and shake this modern cocktail shaker, designed by Fred Bould for Nambe. This sleek shaker will make a great gift to bring to your party host or hostess, making all guests go: Ooh. Continue reading

wine bottles transglass2 - Transglass Recycled Wine Bottles

Transglass Recycled Wine Bottles


Don’t know what to do with those empty wine and beer bottles? Emma Woffenden & Tord Boontje came up with this great idea for wine lovers called the Transglass Recycled Collection. Continue reading

wine cooler dollypop - Wine Cooler DollyPop

Wine Cooler DollyPop


The DollyPop cooler is a sheepskin wine bottle cover that will keep your wine just at the right temperature. Named after the famous Dolly, this stylish wine cooler is based on the concept of a sheep’s fur, which is a great natural insulator. Continue reading

wine stoppers leather tote1 - Royce Leather Wine Valet

Royce Leather Wine Valet


This charming wine accessory valet from ‘Royce Leather’ is a perfect gift for any wine connoisseur. It’s a genuine leather tote featuring a velcro closure and an exterior patch for personalization or logo, making it a wonderful gift to appreciate close friends or a corporate wine gifts for colleagues and clients. Continue reading

bottle stopper genie - Genie In A Bottle

Genie In A Bottle


This genie in a bottle is no Christina Aguilera, however it’s still super cool! Make a wish and this silicone rubber bottle stopper will use his supernatural strength to keep your wine and spirits fresh. Continue reading

double jigger fusion - Fusion Double Jigger

Fusion Double Jigger


Invite your family and friends to your house for the best cocktail party in town! All you need right now is a double Jigger to make that perfect drink. Continue reading

veuve clicquot designbox 3 - Veuve Clicquot DesignBox

Veuve Clicquot DesignBox


DesignBox, an exclusive eco-friendly gift box made only from FSC-certified paper by Veuve Clicquot, has inspired a collaboration of three designers in showcasing their interpretations in this year Milan Furniture Fair. Continue reading

fusion glass stemware rack - Fusion Glass Stemware Rack

Fusion Glass Stemware Rack


We love entertaining friends and family, and while every dinner party is a total success, drying our wine glasses at the end of the evening is usually a disaster. Then i found out about the Fusion stemware rack – Why didn’t I get this awesome gadget years ago? Continue reading

elephant bottle opener - Elephant Bottle Opener

Elephant Bottle Opener


Inspired by elephants while on safari in Africa, Scandinavian designer Jorgen Moller adapted the elephant’s form for this modern, aluminum bottle opener. Continue reading

bottle opener fridge magnet - Bottle opener fridge magnet

Bottle opener fridge magnet


Suck UK got some cool stuff, like this bottle opener magnet – simply stick it on your home fridge, or even your company fridge, and you’re good to go. Continue reading