whiskey glass set rh2 - Whiskey Glass Set: the smooth taste of

Whiskey Glass Set: the smooth taste of


After a hard day at work I love to come home, sit on the sofa, pour me a glass of scotch and just relax. Most people don’t know but the glass itself makes the difference between a normal glass of whiskey to a superb glass of whiskey. That’s the place when Normann Copenhagen enters and introduces us to the high quality of this unique Whiskey Glass Set, where each sip you take feels like you’re drinking the nectar of the gods. Continue reading

cheese gratter boska - Boska Holland: Explore Cheese

Boska Holland: Explore Cheese


I love cheese. It’s the kind of food that can go with almost anything, whether for a date night or a dinner party, just dont forget to complete this flavorful culinary experience with a bottle of fine wine.

And if we’re already into cheese, looking for the right accessories to serve a rich Brie, a tasty Gouda, or a creamy Fondue for dining al fresco, then we must start with Boska Holland – the largest cheese instrument specialist in the world Since 1896. Continue reading

cordless wine opener wp - Cordless Wine Opener: Even Dionysus has one

Cordless Wine Opener: Even Dionysus has one


During a large dinner party you’ll probably hear someone ask: Can someone open another bottle of wine? – and to be honest not all of us got the upper body strength to open a bottle of wine, and no one really wants to deal with the cork breaking into pieces. But now I’ve discovered the Cordless Wine Opener which makes the perfect wine accessory for those of us who are looking for a handy gadget to do the job for us. Continue reading

wine openers rogar 2 - Rogar Wine Openers: Bottle Up

Rogar Wine Openers: Bottle Up


This luxurious wine openers collection from Rogar is crafted from cast aluminum with a beautiful antique-style finish, featuring an ornate raised design of grapevines and cluster of grapes. This beautiful piece will be a perfect gift for wine lovers, spicing up the room with old-school sophistication and distinguished elegance, and giving it a flair of the traditional gentleman’s club. Continue reading

stemware rack cuisipro2 50x50 - Cuisipro Stemware Rack: Hang Out To dry

Cuisipro Stemware Rack: Hang Out To dry


This Stemware Rack, from Cuisipro, is an elegant drying rack that will let you air dry and display wine glasses or champagne flutes in a stylish, sophisticated way. The arms of the rack are angled to securely cradle a variety of glasses; durable, frosted plastic “fingers” at the ends of the arms protect glass from scratches and chips. A sturdy, wide basin catches water drops as your stemware dries. The easy-to-grasp top knob makes it easy to move the rack from the countertop to the bar or table. With a capacity for 8 glasses, you can be assured you’ll have enough for your next dinner party. Continue reading

wine bar set cork nc 5 - Normann Copenhagen Wine & Bar Set: Corky

Normann Copenhagen Wine & Bar Set: Corky


For many people, fine wine is an essential part of life that needs to have a place in our daily routine. The Wine & Bar Set, by Normann Copenhagen, has everything you need to enjoy your wine to the fullest. This is a complete set of useful wine-related products in a very stylish and warm cork design.

The inspiration behind this unique set, as well as the main theme, is cork, which was used to seal the bottle. The collection features wine stoppers, pourers, drip rings, a bottle opener, foil cutter, and a cork screw. What a great gift for wine lovers. Continue reading

wine breather decanter menu - Menu Winebreather: Coming to Life

Menu Winebreather: Coming to Life


As humans we need air, we need oxygen, we need to breathe in order to live. As simple as that. Our wine needs to breathe too, and Menu’s Winebreather is the perfect tool for that.

So, how does it work? Simply press the Winebreather carafe onto the top of an opened bottle of wine and flip it over so that the wine pours into the decanter. This will shorten your wine aeration time down to two minutes. You simply pop it onto your favorite red wine, flip it upside down, and you’ve got a properly aerated bottle of wine that can be served in the decanter or in the original bottle. All it needs is a bit of air for it to come to life. Continue reading

ice tray iceorb 2 - IceOrb Vertical Ice Tray: Very Cool

IceOrb Vertical Ice Tray: Very Cool


For me, spring means the beginning of outdoor entertaining season. The warm weather thaws out my friends and out comes the barbeque grill and the beer. As summer sets in, Saturdays find us at the beach or hiking nearby, always accompanied by an abundant picnic basket. Whether the gathering is fancy or easygoing, there always seems to be a need for ice cubes and coolers to keep the fresh food cold.

The Fusionbrand IceOrb receptacle is great for doing exactly all these things: you can use it to make the ice, to store it, to keep food chilled and to serve cold drinks. Continue reading

wine drip collar gifts - Wine Drip Collar Felt: Pro Pouring

Wine Drip Collar Felt: Pro Pouring


Pouring wine is an art. Unfortunately, as much as we’d like to think – not all of us can practice this art; but with the Wine Drip Collar Felt we can all do it in a fashionable manner. The wine drip collar prevents drips and helps you avoid dripping red wine on those you set out to impress. This wine collar is flexible due to the spring steel, making it suitable for any bottle size – large collar, small collar – just insert the two ends into the slots provided and put it over the bottle. Now we can all start pouring like pros. Continue reading

cocktail bar case newport2 - Newport Bar Case: Home Mix

Newport Bar Case: Home Mix


We can’t always go to the bar. Sometimes the bar has to come to us. With the Newport Bar Case, we’re all set. Literally. This bar case has all the tools required to mix cocktails. So what’s in this magical case? This stylish set includes: a Strainer, 1 Pair of ice tongs, 1 Cocktail spoon, 1 Jigger, 2 Shakers, 1 Bottle opener, 1 Corkscrew, 2 Liquid pourers, 1 Bottle cap, 1 Knife, 1 Cutting board and a Pestle. Developed by professionals for professionals, with this set you can start mixing your own special drink at the comfort of your home. Continue reading