Herriott Grace Homewares: Precious littles


The ever-changing but select collection of handmade homewares, from cake flags to hand turned chopping boards, is one set that we cannot forget. If the heart meltingly tactile and beautiful products themselves weren’t enough, the father daughter story behind it is bound to charm. When his daughter moved 3400km away from home across the country, Lance Herriot began sending parcels as tokens of his love. Often included were hand carved spoons made from the favorites from his lifetime wood collection. All it took was Nikole to propose sharing the lovely pieces in a store, and the Herriot Grace brand was born. Continue reading

Roshults Barbeque Grills: high quality outdoor kitchen


Summer and grilling are best friends, wouldn’t you agree? What’s nicer than family or friends gathered altogether in the veranda or at the garden, preparing freshly grilled food on the spot while enjoying being outdoors? Depending on the size of your family and your available space, you may choose one of the three options from Roshuts Barbeque Grills, placing you only steps away from a high quality outdoor kitchen. Continue reading

Kettal Cottage Daybed: A miniature summer home


There is something incredibly inviting in the very concept of a “daybed”, wouldn’t you agree? It speaks of vacation, it signifies a break from the routine and it promises fractions of life well lived and enjoyed. It reminds of the Southern custom of siesta, a short, rejuvenating nap, lasting from 20 min up to 2 hours, taken during the middle of the day, in order to provide extra strength for nights long lived, much like it is used in countries like South Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece to name but a few. Blame it on the long summers and the particularly hot days, a daybed is a place much loved and deeply cherished. Continue reading

Acorn One & Two Seaters: a call to all retro lovers


Here is a call to all retro lovers to urgently come say hello to two beauties that seem as if they have come out from the middle of the 20th century! However some might prefer to find and give new life to original pieces after taking good care of them, the Acorn one and two seaters are two great suggestions, addressing everyone, devoted retro lovers included. Continue reading

Sensory sky: Beyond singing in the rain


Have you recently perhaps had a unique spa experience? I’ve had mine much further to the past than I actually would like, still I remember with detail every sensation and emotion as water was dripping on my head and body in a variety of tensity, shapes, releasing simultaneously essential oils… the smell of fresh mint almost still tickling my nose.

Now, let’s press fast forward a tiny little bit, to the moment where I choose to incorporate a pretty amazing thing in the shower room of our one-day-new-house, so that I no longer have to rely on spa experiences taking place once in a while. Instead exactly whenever I want to. Sensory sky, made by Dornbracht, seems like the perfect choice. Continue reading

WineHive Storage Rack: Honey bee-inspired, but grape-filled!


The WineHive rack is a light, strong and extendable bottle storage system built up from crisply interlocking aluminum units. Pieces slide together to link up any number of layers and columns to store your collection of vintages or plonk, and can also be built to custom design with added effects. Continue reading

Smart & Magic Desks: A modern interpretation of the classic bureau


I never tire of discovering the next yet awesome piece of furniture to share with you here. Today our virtual conversation consists of desks with adjectives such as “magic” and “smart” being used to equally define and name them. Starting with the Magic Desk, it is nothing less than what it promises: magical. An outstandingly aesthetically beautiful desk, an innovative interpretation of the classic bureau, managing to offer functional details perfectly planned to the last one. In its closed state, it resembles a refined and elegant sideboard. Continue reading

Simply Carafe: Stylishly store your liquids


I admit to having a love relationship with well designed every day objects, such as a jug for example, which feature transparency. Especially in the case of kitchen objects which are meant to functionally carry liquids. Can you imagine this Stelton’s Simply Carafe, magically, while in fact just simply, changing colors according to the refreshment it’s ready to serve in beautiful glasses of thirsty people like you and me? Continue reading

Hosu Lounge Chair: Comfort, Quickly Changed


Typing these words my legs currently being stretched out from a rather pretty sofa bed, able to accommodate up to two people sitting or lounging, I know without any doubt that a firm decision has been made inside of me. There shall be a more suitable solution for those like me who work long hours with their laptops either organizing their day, communicating with clients, typing texts, reading, working on pictures or masterfully strolling through the corridors of Photoshop creating collages and designs. It seems my envisioned and much wished for suitable solution has already a name: Hosu. Continue reading

Desk pad: Looking hot in the workplace, whatever the stress levels


As more and more man hours in the world are spent at the desktop, we found a multifunctional mouse, keyboard (and detritus) mat to untidy workstations needing a bit of style and comfort. Continue reading