10 ways to set the perfect mood for the holidays


The upcoming holidays are the perfect time to inspire relaxation and festivity. And what better way to set the mood than with flickering candles and glowing lights. Here are our favorite top 10 stylishly elegant mood setters for the holidays. Continue reading


Flaster Tiles: Pick, Mix and Grout


The Flaster tile series by Ivanka is a colorful, innovative tile collection designer that balances a classic Turkish shape with novel materials and combinational flexibility.

Available in 3 depths and 2 sizes, it comes in a set of 30 beautiful standard colors, and if that’s not enough, custom color requests are available. Made from 100% performance concrete, the tiles are a uniform shade the whole way through, giving a special solid and pleasing sort of effect. The design is a traditional dual-symmetrical arabesque cross shape, the sort often seen in the near east (and now your house!). Continue reading


Top 10 Holiday Gifts For The cooking aficionado and kitchen chef


Today we bring you the coolest gadgets to spice up your kitchen. From handy cookbook stands to elegant grinders, measuring cups, knife sets and more – Here are our favorite top 10 holiday gift ideas for the cooking aficionado and kitchen chef. Continue reading


KeepCup Reusable coffee mugs: Hug a Mug, on the move


Using the power of ‘brand in hand’ to drive sustainable reuse behavior in the to-go market, the KeepCup is a covetable, personalizable reusable coffee mug. In four sizes from XS to L, there is a KeepCup for every espresso and pumpkin Frappuccino, plus everything in between. Continue reading


Perpetual Calendar: Color pop your way through the seasons


The perpetual calendar by Block Design is part of the company’s confident, rainbow hued range of homeware, designed in Cornwall UK. The calendar is as simple as they come, using cut-out letters and numbers with a reverse colored magnet that shifts to highlight the current date. Continue reading


Wallpapers: Wall to wall wonderful


The collection of ready, custom and bespoke wallpapers by IdentityPapers offers a refreshing set of wall coverings with intellectual as well as aesthetic interest. All are printed digitally on robust non-woven paper. Walls can lose their passiveness if clad in one of these papers, whether using complex image collages (see Mi Casa Su Casa for example) or geometric lettering (we love The Quick Brown Fox), the designs invite interaction from viewers. Whether reading the text or spotting the odd one out, you are bound to spend a few seconds at least looking closely. Continue reading


Top 10 Gift Ideas For The Perfect Holiday Host


Today we bring you the hottest essentials for setting your holiday table and entertaining family and guests in style – Here are our favorite top 10 holiday gift ideas for the perfect holiday host. Continue reading


Table Lighter: a stylish cube ready to light up your fire


Wintertime calls for candle light, a cozy fireplace, hot drinks, warm blankets and the getting together of family in the heart of the house, wherever this might be. During this time of year, my favorite thing to do is to be lighting up, admittedly a few dozens of candles, scattered in our little maisonette by the woods. From early morning breakfasts to dinners in the evening. However matches are more romantic and add to the the whole ritual, there are times that simply proceeding a little bit faster and more effective with the whole process addresses the needs of our everyday life. I love functional objects that require no hiding after or before their use is completed. It makes for easiness. So, I’m always on the search for the perfect table lighter. Continue reading


Day Bed One: Saving Gracefully


The daybed from Another Country is a very happy marriage between good looks and healthy production. Numerous green credentials back up the item, which stands alone in its gorgeousness. The daybed is a simple oak platform on a set of 4 slightly splayed peg legs, in natural or black, with traditional bolster cushions and a light futon mattress. The size is just that of a single bed, so even if you wouldn’t want to be snuggling up in it every night, it is perfect for temporary kippers. Continue reading


Nimba Suspension Light: Mystery suspended above your table


Watch out for it could be aliens hanging no further than above your dining table… or library table, or anywhere for that matter! The Nimba suspension light possibly enforces correlations with what we have been taught to associate UFO’s with: circular light objects suspending in the air. According to the designer, Antoni Arola, Nimba owes its name to being “like the nimbus or aureole of holy images, which may be seen, but are not there”. And I couldn’t agree more, as the association with the unidentified flying object came second to that one of saints. It’s a comforting thought, that of having saints looking after us quietly as we dine, read or simply get together with family and friends. Continue reading