Ratio Coffeemaker: Classical, Technological, Delicious

As a coffee lover and design fanatic, the Ratio Coffeemaker is just a perfect marriage of caffeine and art. Rejecting both the stark utility of cheap coffeemakers that have no kind of aesthetic whatsoever, and blending the habit of treating a cup of coffee like a gourmet meal, the Ratio Coffeemaker by Mark Hellweg is just tremendous. Continue reading


Kekkila Garden Sheds: The Shed of Your Dreams

This is not what I envision when you say “garden shed”, though that vision is forever changed. These pre-fab garden buildings will make you a gardener if you’re not already. Designed by Avanto Architects for Kekkila & Hasselfors Garden, four models are available to store your essential garden tools and serve as a greenhouse. Of course you can make use of them in any way you wish, including a dreamy lake side getaway. Continue reading


Seaside For The Bathroom: hidden pleasures

By this point, most bathtubs are just something you expect to see in any home or apartment. There’s usually only a very focused use for them: to give you a space in which to bath and clean yourself. But bathtubs can be so much more, no matter how ridiculous that is to say. Continue reading


Sweeper & Dustpan: redesigned for flow

Do you ever think of a dustpan and broom as having any kind of artistic or aesthetic value? They’re just household cleaning tools, that’s it, right? Well, even the objects we tend to think about least can be designed brilliantly—such as the Sweeper & Dustpan by Polish designer Jan Kochanski. Continue reading


The Chou Lamp Collection Will Transport You to Ancient China


Inspired by old 1960s film The World of Suzie Wong, with its depictions of the innumerable ornaments of Hong Kong architecture and design, the Chou Lamp is a reworking of a classic Chinese lantern. Continue reading


The Cablehub: Managing Cables, Managing Clutter


Cables are everywhere. We have so many smartphones, laptops, tablets, whatnots and other things that just drape cables over our desks, couches, counters, and chairs. And while these cables are very useful, and completely necessary until wireless charging is standard, they’re annoying, to say the least.

The Cablehub is the perfect remedy. Continue reading


Around Coffee Table: Traditional Meets Modern

Scandinavian designers have got it. They know exactly how to create and manufacture a piece of furniture that does what it’s supposed to but looks beautiful at the same time. Neither form nor function is better than the other. Both work in tandem in Scandinavian design. The Around Coffee Table from Muuto, designed by Thomas Bentzen, is full of the basic thesis of Scandinavian design. By Bentzen’s own admission, the table is functional, simple, and meets the human need it was designed to be attentive to. Continue reading


Lampe Oiseau: Light in a Nest

Like a brand new bird cracking its shell or flying off from its nest, Lampe Oiseau is a brilliant pendant design that seems to symbolizes the pull of home and the appeal of leaving. The outer surface of the pendant is completely smooth like the calcified exterior of a shell or freshly-fired pottery. Inside is wood resembling the leaves, twigs, and sticks that birds collect to form the skeleton of their nests. Continue reading


Basketbin: The Bin Within a Bin


In this age of multi-purpose devices, smartphones and the like, there should be no reason why we still have two trash receptacles, one for waste and one for recycling. The Basketbin by Konstantin Slawinski was designed to simplify our disposal, combining food waste and recycling into one utility. Continue reading


The Council Chair: Defining Design


While they may be the least obviously glamorous styles of design, the Mid-Century and Danish Modern habits are superior to any frilly competitor. The Council Chair is just another example of how these two techniques rival anything, because they are whole, without any confusing additives and adornments. Continue reading