Elica Kitchen Hoods

Elica kitchen hoods are truly outstanding in their design and offer kitchen owners a refreshing ultra-modern alternative to traditional hoods. Their style is clean, sophisticated and full of vitality. Elica’s four leading models are Dynamique, Shell, Space and Adagio. While each design is unique, they all offer high performance, energy saving and user friendly solutions. Continue reading


Mantis Desk

Here’s a dreamy desk that works hard but never shows it! Samuel Wilkinson’s Industrial Design Studio created the Mantis Desk that hides its intelligence with streamlined features and a warm wooden top. It’s so versatile and clean that it can easily transform in to a dining, coffee, or tea-for-two table in a flash. Continue reading


JURA Impressa

The JURA Impressa is the Rolls-Royce of coffee machines. Without moving your cup you can make 10 different types of coffee and you can also customize it to make your own coffee creation. The design of the JURA Impressa is also on a league of its own and received the prestigious Red Dot Best of the Best Award in 2014 by the Product Design competition. Continue reading


Tesler Mendelovitch wood creations

Tesler Mendelovitch are a design team that creates beautiful objects from wood. They work with a wide variety of woods including African Walnut, Ebony, Rosewood, Emboya, Walnut and Birch. A trademark of their work is an exquisite geometry that gives their pieces a contemporary yet timeless feel. Currently, their main focus is designing and manufacturing hand-made handbags and tables. The handbags are truly wearable art – they are soft and flexible with beautiful and rich tones. The tables are also showstoppers and have a cylindrical shape composed of wooden triangles. Continue reading


Corvi Concrete Wine Cooler

If you are a wine connoisseur, you are certain to appreciate the sleek and modern look of the Corvi Concrete Wine Cooler. Made from soft concrete, the cooler has a unique faceted geometry that truly sets it apart. Also, Corvi Coolers can be stacked in a variety of positions enabling you to create a customized mini wine cellar. Aside from its great looks, the concrete keeps the wine cool for long periods of time and is of course highly durable. Continue reading


Atelier Make Tableware

Handmade porcelain tableware that’s accessible to many is a rarity. Yet designers Jaimie Robson and Maya Ersan, Atelier Make, are crafting exquisite pieces that bring a charming style to even ordinary tasks. Elevating the art of everyday rituals of making a cup of tea or sharing a meal is their passion. Their Mediterranean and Scandinavian heritage form the collection’s foundation. Continue reading


W/W Carafe

If you are a wine connoisseur, you are bound to appreciate the brilliant design behind the W/W Carafe. In order to increase the wine’s flavor, the W/W has a special stainless steel filter with a matrix of holes. As the wine is poured through this filter, the surface of the wine increases eightfold compared to wine poured through a normal wine bottle, and the wine undergoes an 800% greater aeration process!

The W/W Carafe, which stands for “water” and “wine” is also great for other beverages since the filter stops ice or other large garnishes such as herbs and fruits from pouring into the glass. Continue reading


Haoshi Cuckoo Clock

Here’s a refreshing contemporary twist to the traditional cuckoo clock. Instead of there being just one bird in the clock, Haoshi placed a second bird next to the clock. This way, when it is time for the Cuckoo bird to sing, it exits its home and approaches the second bird and sings to it. This delightful concept communicates the need for companionship and sharing. Continue reading


FEDDE Living Series

Small in scale yet large in style, the FEDDE Living Series by Piet Boon is perfect for relaxed spaces. Inspired by dreamy beach homes, it’s a collection of carefree upholstered pieces for no-worries living. Comprised of a sofa, loveseat, arm chair, and pouf, the grouping easily fills every need. Continue reading



The Babylon is a beautiful set of office tools that includes a pair of scissors, a stapler, a cup to hold writing utensils, a free-standing pen, a sticky tape holder and a clock. What sets the Babylon collection apart is its phenomenal design. The collection was primarily inspired by rock strata and each item has an appealing multi-faceted surface. While each piece has its own individual appeal and can stand alone, when the items are combined, the design language that ties the pieces together shines through and gives the collection its splendor. Continue reading