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Stacked Shelf System

The Stacked Shelf System offers the perfect solution for those who want versatile, stylish and modern shelving. This shelf system, designed by JDS Architects for Muuto, is made up of various sized blocks which are joined using clips. The exciting part about it is that it provides you with endless options of size and layouts. You can play around with the spaces between the shapes as well as with their height. The units are easy to put together so you can continuously refresh their look.

This smart shelf system is made from medium-density fibreboard (MDF) and comes in a variety of colors – wood, white, light grey and dark grey. The cubes are also available in a variety of sizes – the smaller Mini Stacked and the larger Stacked.

Mini Stacked cubes are available in small 166 x 332 x 260 mm, medium 332 x 332 x 260 mm and large 498 x 249 x 260 mm. Stacked blocks are available in small 218 x 436 x 350 mm, medium 436 x 436 x 350 mm and large 654 x 436 x 350 mm.




You can also choose to add a podium which serves as an excellent base. The dimensions of the podium are: height 200 mm x length 1308 mm x width 350 mm. The units also come with an optional backboard available in wood, white, light grey, dark grey, yellow and pink. The clips are available in yellow or white.


Design: JDS Architects for Muuto
Photography courtesy of Muuto

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