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Ayers Cork

I’m obsessed with every quality of natural cork. Its malleability, texture, softness, history, and sustainability make it very desirable. Add to that its luxurious feel, durability, and natural ability to resist mold and fire and sustain ancient cork forests and the workers that maintain them, and I dare you not to covet cork. In every form from flooring to counters, its benefits have been proven as timeless, practical, and beautiful. Yet Albertina Oliveira has elevated cork to a previously unattained height.

In her dining collection for Ayers Cork, the Portuguese designer created a table, chairs, and luminaire that is invitingly compact and cleverly simple.

When nested together, the eight chairs envelop the table like exposed tree roots. The impression is that of an elegant tree trunk smoothed by the careful hand of time. Pulled out for use, the chair’s light but substantial forms are revealed. Carved from solid blocks of cork, their curved backs and wedge-shaped seats cradle the human form. Arched notches accept your hand, allowing the chairs to be easily moved. Their balance is exquisite with the curving convex back and concave front. All edges are gently radiused, complementing the material’s inherent velvety resilience.

Again carved from solid cork, the hyperboloid table base supports a circular top. The top and the dome light are made of corkbalt. Additional strength is provided by fibers blended in to the cork. The fibers are extruded from basalt, a volcanic rock.




Design: Albertina Oliveira
Photography courtesy of Albertina Oliveira

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