PANO Penthouse

Set in Bangkok, Thailand, the PANO Penthouse is a design delight courtesy of Ayutt and Associates design. As the 4th highest high-rise in Bangkok, the sweeping views are breathtaking. And although this dwelling is sandwiched within a population of 6.3 million outside it’s city doors, the architects managed to beautifully bring nature into this home, regardless of the jungle of concrete outside. Continue reading


Rabbit’s Tale Office

From the sweeping spiral staircase, to the polished cement floors, the Rabbit’s Tail Office is no haphazard rabbit trail of design. Rather it is a well-orchestrated burrow of monochromatic sophistication, style and form. Continue reading


Loft Office with Hanging Garden

Knotted pine, picture windows, and a plethora of potted plants make this office space a natural infusion of light, with a side of clean air to boot. The Loft Office with Hanging Garden of Rotterdam-based jvantspijker architecture design practice is definitely a visual pleasure, where meetings can be held and minds can be molded, while coffee percolates and your morning ride – a footprint-free bicycle – can be parked right next to your coat. Continue reading


Swinburne Ave.

Doherty Design Studio beautifully managed to take this two-story dwelling by Craig Rosetti Architects, and turn it into a warm and welcoming getaway to call home for the family of 4 who live here. The aim was to open up the space so that it delivered a more modern and spacious feel for the adults, while creating an area for the two small children to run and play freely. Aim accomplished – check! Continue reading


867 De Bougainville

This contemporary apartment design is like a long drink of cool cucumber water. It’s fresh, full of vitality, and delivers all the essentials for life. With the assistance of Bourgeois/Lechasser Architects, this ground floor apartment was remodeled from a 1924 original, and re-birthed into a neighborhood favorite within the district of Montcalm, Quebec. 867 De Bougainville hails as the home of a young family who wanted to alter this ground floor unit and make it into a modern, elongated, and well-lit space that flowed with form and function equally. Continue reading


TeePee Trundle Bed DIY

First and foremost we have to give Sarah, from Hello Bowsers, the most massive kudos for creating this handcrafted pieces of impeccable art. It deserves more than a “wow”, or a “good job”, more like a “wowee that’s INCREDIBLE!” would suffice. Continue reading


Cedrus Residence

Nestled off the shores of Gate Lake, outside of Montreal, Canada, you will discover a towering chalet nestled neatly at the edge of a majestic cedar wood forest. Yet this enchanted location is unencumbered by the lofty two-story home, as it feels as though it belongs there with the ease of the sloped roof seamlessly following the lines of nature’s path. Continue reading


Y House

Coined the “Y House”, this decadent residence would likely be better labeled the “Because House” …because it is simply spectacular and requires little explanation beyond the massive visual statement it makes. Situated in Golkoy, Bodrum, this Turkish delight is infused with modern design elements, while still harmonizing eloquently with the local Mediterranean culture. Continue reading


Ranch Re-Visioning

The Ranch Re-Visioning project is a sprawling space boasting of 3000 square feet that is set in Cumberland, Maine, and houses a family of 3 quite comfortably.
With 1.1 acres at their disposal, the vision for this re-visioning was to capitalize on the beauty of the outdoors, and make the homes’ exterior reflect what waits within the interior. Tranquil timeless elegance. Which is exactly what the Fine Line Construction team delivered, and what the interior design team at Urban Dwellings capitalized on also. Continue reading


Spahaus and Trihaus

The architects at YH2 did a marvelous job in creating these sleek spaces set in the wooded banks of Lake Superior; a short 90 minute drive from the Canadian city of Montreal, Quebec. YH2 definitely had their work cut out for them redesigning these contemporary holiday homes, but the result offers a variety of dwellings targeted towards homeowners who are looking to separate themselves from an urban lifestyle, and dine on the hardy depths of design and architecture these homes envelope. Continue reading