Boro Hotel

The Boro Hotel offers stylish boutique accommodations for those who find themselves in the illustrious Dutch Kills neighborhood, within the Long Island, NY district. And as a “borough” of Queens, the name itself was intended to reflect exactly that: a “Boro”! As a city known for not playing shy about being “the greatest” in every regard, this hotel is no exception to such a proclamation. Continue reading


Scandinavian Apartment

Who knew that a ‘somewhat’ monochromatic interior could meet a ‘somewhat’ minimalistic space in the middle ground known as perfection? Clearly the designers knew exactly their intent! Expertly designed by Image Box Studios out of New Delhi, India, this Scandinavian Apartment has beautiful original features such as a brick wall painted the perfect shade of white, along with white plank flooring with just a splash of sheen, a duo of white couches, and a variety of art happily strewn amidst the room. Continue reading


Residence Nguyen

Atelier Modern design firm managed to wow once again with this Montreal, Canada construct. Set in motion by a young couple ready to undergo the makings of a family, this project began under such an understanding, and took shape with the recognition that any growing family needs space that is adaptable to every stage of life. Once the stage was set, it was time for Atelier Modern to set the tone, and so they did! Continue reading


Apartment A+

This apartment happened upon us without a name or location by which to associate it, but we felt it was well deserving of both recognition and a title. Thus we have named this project Apartment A+. Top letter grade, perfect sense! In fact, the entire apartment appears to make perfect sense. From the uniformity of the leather white walls, to the cozy corner fireplace, to the statement piece bookshelf in turquoise …everything has its place and is perfectly placed. Continue reading


Sviezia Kava Coffee Shop

Coffee shop culture has quickly become a booming industry in our current milenium. From self-employed seat warmers frequenting their local coffee house, to gatherings of both the young and old alike, these bean-roasting, bevy serving, caffeine riddled coffee shops are buzzing with activity open to close. Šviežia Kava Coffee Shop is no exception to such activities. Designed by Giedraitis & Architects, it was adapted to its location on Vokieciy Street in Lithuania, one of the busiest streets in Vilnius old town, and is the go-to location to fill your travel mug with a local roast, or mingle with locals sipping on far-reaching favorites. Continue reading


Congregation Residence

The Congregation Residence is yet another Montreal, Canada marvel courtesy of Naturehumaine Architecture Design. From the outside, amidst the crisp Canadian air, one might think this space held little appeal, but step inside and you will quickly appreciate the minimalist opulence that surrounds you. Continue reading


Glencoe Residence

Naturehumaine Architecture Design managed to take a retro 1950’s single family house, and turn it into a 21st century home. By opening up the space with an entire wall comprised of translucent pivoting panels, they delivered diversity within this dwelling, and also created an added design element between the main living area and the kitchen. Continue reading


Prointel Office Renovation

If you have ever Googled the Google head office, you would be amazed. That’s how we felt when we stumbled upon the Prointel Office Renovation – amazed! This independent TV production company located in Madrid, Spain was originally constructed in the 70’s, and was recently renovated by AGi Architects, giving it both a fresh look along with a renewed corporate identity. Continue reading


Hugg Store Melbourne, Australia

First came the yellow brick road, then came Hugg. This sunny yellow store was constructed with plank-style crossbeam and light pine colored slot shelving, which fills the interior of this 2015 newly built store. Continue reading


Arsenal Flat

This Arsenal Flat, completed by h2o Architectes, could easily be called the ‘Penthouse Public Library’. Chalk full of creatively fitted and custom designed shelving, this rooftop apartment reads like an epic novel, delivering ample provisions for books upon books upon more books. Continue reading