Old Bearhurst: bringing ancient brick into a modern era

A sense of historical permanence is always attached to an ancient material like brick…Even more so when an extensive remodeling of a two century old brick house is in need to be done! That’s Old Bearhurst. A converted nineteenth century farm building once used for drying hops is now enriched by a wooden extension to accommodate a client’s growing family. Continue reading


The Orangery: from darkness to lightness

When the light strikes over the deepest darkness… Guidance and clearness stand as the most precious values of light even in the architectonic phenomenon! The Orangery testifies such a noble act of liberation. A south London house was “exorcized” from a darken condition that once had turned it into a heavy gloomy place to live.

A new small extension with a total area of 56 sq. m. brought some enlightenment to all its inhabitants! How? In a very distinct way… Continue reading


Villa SK: a garden for a living room

An enclosed garden for a living room, framing an ancient walnut tree as a beautiful picture in order to be appreciated from the sofa – Isn’t this an inspirational place to live?

In Graz, Austria a small extension turned a suburban house into a much brighter home. Villa SK benefits now from the attachment of a new glass box addition that serves as an exquisite living room. Continue reading


Campanules: an architectural surgery

Sometimes the human body needs artificial extensions to solve certain disabilities. This operation requires a delicate surgery in order to obtain the most compatible relation between the body and the new addition.

Buildings are quite the same, and the Campanules in Brussels, Belgium, testifies how a small, modern extension can create a revolution in the functioning of an existing house! Continue reading


heliotrope raising: from darkness to light

The project that I’m about to introduce you to is a testimony of transforming a problem into the starting point of an ingenious solution. In Paris, France, a small house with an area of 60 sq. m. (distributed on two levels) is situated in a backyard site with an exceptionally narrow area.

Enclosed and wet because of the existence of an underground aqueduct, the building is covered in darkness as the nearby buildings and a 20 meters high wall cover any possibility of natural light. So the challenge was to bring this house from darkness to light. Continue reading


Ilma Grove House: a positive ecological footprint

Architecture based in a more positive ecological footprint is such a fine goal to be achieved! In Northcote, Australia, a small extension of a heritage house shows us how to promote a sustainable lifestyle in a very special way. The entire construction is made to spear waste of energy and material…a true Mother Nature ally. Continue reading


Sprojs House: puzzling a landscape

Staring at an ideal scenario while having lunch or even when reading a book… On the Swedish countryside there´s a red house that simply turns the landscape into a remarkable experience! The Sprojs House works as an extension of a traditional Swedish house. This annex has only 30 square meters of area distributed in a single ground floor plan. Continue reading


Extension House VB4: a trapezoidal way of living

An extension house is waiting to be discovered within the countryside of Brecht, Belgium. A small black building with only 26 square meters floats between tall pine trees… A natural green scenery reveals an unusual shape! A floating volume built with trapezoidal wooden structures transformed a traditional holiday cabin into a contemporary home. Continue reading


Villa T Extension: connecting time and space

In Ljubljana, Slovenia, there´s a little treasure waiting to be discovered… Sometimes in architecture the smallest programs are the most challenging! The new extension of Villa T captures all the attention because of its singularity…

Picture the following equation: dining + living + covered parking + bicycle storage. Now add this to an existing house while utilizing a constructed area of only 43 square meters to assemble all these factors. That was the starting point of this tiny masterpiece redevelopment of an historical residential area. Continue reading


Barcode House: ascending through a glass extension

Home extensions are always a good opportunity for architects to experiment new concepts and solutions. In Washington DC there´s a house extension that looks like the graphic image of a Barcode. I’m not joking…A sequence of horizontal steel rods resemble a barcode on the glass facade of the new building extension. Continue reading