Extension House VB4: a trapezoidal way of living

An extension house is waiting to be discovered within the countryside of Brecht, Belgium. A small black building with only 26 square meters floats between tall pine trees… A natural green scenery reveals an unusual shape! A floating volume built with trapezoidal wooden structures transformed a traditional holiday cabin into a contemporary home. Continue reading

Villa T Extension: connecting time and space

In Ljubljana, Slovenia, there´s a little treasure waiting to be discovered… Sometimes in architecture the smallest programs are the most challenging! The new extension of Villa T captures all the attention because of its singularity…

Picture the following equation: dining + living + covered parking + bicycle storage. Now add this to an existing house while utilizing a constructed area of only 43 square meters to assemble all these factors. That was the starting point of this tiny masterpiece redevelopment of an historical residential area. Continue reading

Barcode House: ascending through a glass extension

Home extensions are always a good opportunity for architects to experiment new concepts and solutions. In Washington DC there´s a house extension that looks like the graphic image of a Barcode. I’m not joking…A sequence of horizontal steel rods resemble a barcode on the glass facade of the new building extension. Continue reading

FLAG: Extending time and space

Age is always a challenge in architecture… especially when projects have to connect old buildings with new ones! That’s what happens in Fanhdorf, Austria, where an old farmhouse (with more than 200 years) was carefully extended by a new addition: a small building featuring a kitchen and a living space. This new relation proves how meaningful and vital an intervention can be to resurrect sleeping pieces of architecture, bringing them back to the present time. Continue reading

Balmain extension: A modern relict

We’ve already seen some exciting pieces of modern architecture from Australia. And this new home addition, located in Balmain’s heritage area, is no different. Such a location made it clear, that this small cottage extension had to be really outstanding in its form and philosophy, otherwise – not to exist at all. And behold! the architects succeeded in creating this playful building shape, which resembles a long dinosaur relict! Continue reading

House H: Living Space as an Annexe

The floor area of this Ljubljana house is 2,583 sq. ft., yet the most interesting and the newest part of it is its living room! It is just newly attached to the main body of the house. Somehow the clients must have come to a decision that there was not enough living space for them in their existing home. And as an architect, I approve of the idea of living space extension entirely! Moreover, I respect people, who – in their turn – respect their own needs for comfort, beauty, taste and space, and if they are willing to build something extraordinary – this is even beyond my praise. Continue reading

Margaretenstrasse 9: A New View on Historic Buildings Roofs

Imagine historic buildings with modern roofs, which are actually no roofs at all, but new modern home extensions. If you have happened to visit Vienna, surely you know what I’m talking about.

This beautiful, imperial city, which has huge areas of representative past centuries historic buildings, often plays with contemporary additions. And as a refined city, it does it in a highly refined manner! This project in Margeretenstrasse 9 in Vienna is one of these fine examples. Continue reading

House Acht5: the Oneness of the Old and the New

What could be more romantic than an old*, solitary**, medium scale*** house in the country?..

* let us not go into details of the dating and imagine that old means just old.
**the way a farmhouse is usually situated.
***one and a half story.

..The one with the clay tile roof. The one with old wooden window sashes. The one surrounded by the fresh, infinite greenery everywhere your eye can see. The one with a fabulous apple tree garden… Have you already got this rurally romantic picture in your head?

And now for the last one… The one with an ultra-modern annex! Continue reading

Munchengladbach Apartment Extension: Refreshing

This project is an apartment extension in Munchengladbach, Germany. A rather dull row of apartment houses has been freshened up by an addition of a concrete-glass structure on the roof (I guess not more than 210 sq. ft.).
The apartment itself is situated in the higher, two-story building, on the first floor. So there was a great opportunity to utilize such a location and enclose the area on the roof of the next, lower building. So the project of the extension and roof reconstruction was developed. It was decided to build a new structure on the adjacent roof and to convert the rest of the space into a terrace. Continue reading

Castlewood: Big Eyed Extension

The Castlewood extensions are located in Dublin. These are two modern annexes built up to two 19th century semi-detached buildings. The area of the project is approx. 1,743 sq. ft.

Let me omit the long and complicated past (which I can’t pretend to know well, anyway) of historic annexes and decisions to replace them with new ones, for I think I should focus on what I see (not what I could possibly know) – based on the fact that the old historic 19th century substance is extended with absolutely new, outstandingly bold structures. Continue reading