Delicious Kitchen Designs with Pure Details

Modern Italian kitchen design

Italians have a worldwide reputation for exquisite design and Cesar’s Modern kitchen line continues that tradition. Just imagine if you could create a kitchen to exceed your functional needs and wishes exactly. Then choose just the right colors and finishes, even a mix of of the two, to visually excite you. Add in cutting edge technology with performance you’ve only dreamed of and your source would be Cesar. Continue reading

Novus Sink: If Apple made an iSink, it might well look like this


The Novus Sink by Houzer is a new take on a kitchen staple, with a tidy aesthetic and a formidable list of performance-engineering features. Though most of these are invisible without the catalog, the additional sliding layers that gift an extra 60 of working space are an immediate design attraction. Continue reading

Flow Kitchen: What Goes Around Comes Around


This cunning kitchen design from Studio GORM is a self-contained module that uses the way the shelves and racks are arranged to maximize the automatic flow of, not electricity or smells as usual, but nutrients. It simply needs plumbing -in and can then work in any small space. Continue reading

Kohler colors for the kitchen by Jonathan Adler


With the motto ” Be bold. Be original. Be you.” Kohler encourages us to get creative in the kitchen and forget all we knew about sinks so far. They part together with brilliant designer Jonathan Adler and they launch incredibly fresh, appealing and juicy colors, to make our kitchens explode with positive energy. Continue reading

Ekokook: the future of home living

Today I’m sharing a most interesting approach that combines kitchen, ecology and effective recycling. I must admit that quite a lot of time has been spent from me diving deeper and deeper into its details in order to come up with a few basics to share with you. At the beginning it seemed to me that I was learning about a NASA program!
Completely astonished, line by line read, I was being informed about how in fact the vision of some people can have a great impact on our everyday living and our lives on this planet. Continue reading

Kitchen Trends in 2013


It’s a brand new year, and for some of us that means a brand new kitchen! If you’re planning a kitchen redesign but you’re stuck for inspiration, we’ve got some of 2013′s hottest trends wrapped up: Continue reading

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kitchen design by Marchi Group: a modern outlook on vintage style

Have you heard the saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home? If you consider the fact that what takes place there is the absolute basis for living, food preparation, it is not hard to comprehend that.

Nowadays kitchens are so much more than simply a place where meals are prepared. It is the place where family and friends meet, to enjoy together the whole process of bringing to life delicious plates for everyone to enjoy. Kitchens have become social places in our homes, so often being connected with living areas, especially in open plan places. Continue reading

Vipp kitchen: free standing simplicity meets design and functional excellence

There where simplicity meets excellence in design, products and details, one may find Vipp’s kitchen furniture as great representation of the concept. Furniture might be lifeless but it is the individuals involved in their evolution that brings life to them, prior to being handed in to satisfied owners, enjoying their usage.

Solid materials, mechanics and function are all magnificently addressed in Vipp’s kitchens, which are designed as a product or even better stated, as a piece of furniture. Continue reading

Demode Meccanica system: kitchen design thought off to the last detail

A design system that values recycling & reuse like no other before: too good to be true?
Perhaps not. In fact, Demode’s Meccanica system engineered by Valcucine manufactures kitchen compartments with a light framework and an innovative design made up of single structural elements, connected together using mechanical joints. No glues are used, which means there is no trace of formaldehylde. Overall, a system designed to be user and environmentaly friendly, with the ability to be 90% reused and 100% recycled. Continue reading

Bulthaup B2 Kitchen System: rethinking the kitchen


Trust Bulthaup to radically rethink the kitchen and cooking, and come up with the concept of dividing it into three main areas: work, storage and appliances.

Based on their vast experience and research, Bulthuap has redefined the kitchen to suit the lifestyle and needs of the modern household. Taking into account that modern homes are usually constrained for space, that a family can mean one or two adults with or without any number of children and that the needs of a household changes over time, the most important feature required of a kitchen is flexibility and adaptability. Continue reading