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Coquo Modular Kitchen

Many believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home as it is usually where a lot of time is spent with friends and family. And the Coquo modular kitchen design supports that idea, making such a reality just a little bit sweeter and aesthetically pleasing.

Constructed out of Montreal, Canada, Coquo offers a variety of products made from material such as steel and wood, allowing custom pieces to become available to the general public, while still offering individualized enhancements courtesy of their very sophisticated website, and a design team who operates to meet your needs as well.

modular kitchen design cabinet - Coquo Modular Kitchen

modular kitchen design shelving - Coquo Modular Kitchen

modular kitchen design sink - Coquo Modular Kitchen

In Latin, the word ‘Coquo’ actually means “I cook”, and turns a somewhat ‘Cro-Magnon Man’ phrase into a modern marvel that delivers timeless kitchen furnishings fueled by versatility, functionality and impeccable style.

As their motto says: “it’s the small details that make a great kitchen”, and Coquo has clearly redefined those small details beautifully.

modular kitchen design island - Coquo Modular Kitchen

modular kitchen design storage - Coquo Modular Kitchen

Design: Coquo by Cuisines Steam
Photography: Jessica Nash

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