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Magnet Kitchen for Small Spaces

Magnet is an ingenious UK based company that delivers kitchen space solutions for everyday use. No matter if your cooking area is large or small, the ingenuity of Magnet helps maximize every corner, cupboard and crevice in – ironically – the most minimalist manner.

The clever kitchen sink offers a stow-away faucet and a cutting board that doubles as a sink cover, which closes up shop in a way that will make any little Miss Neat-Freak or Tidy Tim giggle with delight.

Beyond that, the recycle cupboard offers you a spot for each type of recycled item, which will have Green Party governments trying to find ways to mandate this invention as a “must” in every home.

Foldout tabletops and rollout hidden storage is also among the Magnet features you will be drawn to, along with cupboards that pull out for additional counter space.

Whether you are looking to build a tiny house that still maintains all the necessities of a kitchen space, or wish to create a more compact and efficient place to cook …Magnet is your go-to for all of the above!





Design: Magnet
Photography courtesy of Magnet

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